It can be hard to identify with Barbie: her physical appearance approaches the impossible, her perfect life seems totally out of reach, and her whole idealistic world, in fact, is basically the stuff of fiction.

But anyone who has seen the wildly-successful new Barbie movie knows, a relatable doll does exist, in the form of Weird Barbie.

Played by the hilarious SNL actor Kate McKinnon, Weird Barbie represents the unboxed, real-life doll that actually gets played with by kids — complete with a jagged haircut, kid-modified clothing, snakeskin boots, and some very special make-up. And unlike her more refined sisters, she’s often doing the splits for no reason. Now, the Barbie who helps Stereotypical Barbie find herself can be enjoyed by all with a special collector’s edition doll.

This special made-to-order doll run is part of the Barbie Signature Creations line — and can be pre-ordered until August 18. The dolls will ship by May 31 of next year.

The doll is a “made to move” body type, which means jointed arms and legs for a more posable body, perfect for the gymnastics that Weird Barbie wants to pull off. It also comes with a stand (since it doesn’t stand by itself) as well as a movie-tie-in box and a certificate of authenticity.


While Margot Robbie’s titular role in the movie stole the show (along with Ryan Gosling’s perfect portrayal of Ken), many moviegoers left the theater identifying most with Weird Barbie — the well-loved, counter-culture toy that actually got played with hard.


In fact, after the movie, people from around the world shared their own Weird Barbies from their collections. They have a wide range of terrible haircuts, missing limbs, and other hilarious modifications. And they are all well-loved.

But of course, many Weird Barbies did not survive moves from childhood homes, decluttering sweeps, and just plain old growing up. If you need a new Weird Barbie in your life, this is your chance to have one that’s already a part of history.

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