When Does Baby Roll Over

When Does Baby Roll Over?

Rolling over is a very important milestone in the baby’s life. This sets a foundation for every other movement which is helpful for the baby. Here are all the things you need to know about when does baby roll over.

At What Age The Baby Roll Over?

Before stating the right age, remember that every baby is different. Some will roll over at about 6 months, some will be late, some will be early. There is no need to worry about the time that your baby is taking to learn things. Every baby is unique and you need to understand how they develop. With that being said, a baby will normally start to roll over about the 6 to 8-month mark. They will easily roll over from their back to their stomach and vice versa. 

Different Types Of Roll Overs

There are different types of roll overs and they occur at different ages. Here is a breakdown of them:

  • The first is the half roll, or where the baby rolls from the stomach to back, or the other way around. This occurs very early on and it will occur very early on, at about 4 months age. 
  • The 2nd one is rolling fully over, from the stomach to stomach, or back to back. This is the full roll over and this will occur at the 6 to 8-month mark. This is more intricate and difficult for the baby to grasp, but once they get the hang of it, it becomes an everyday activity. 

How To Encourage The Baby To Roll Over?

Here are some things which can help the baby encourage rolling over. 

  • Playing With Your Baby

Playing is the biggest thing which helps the baby to learn how to roll over. It’s very important that you choose specific exercises during playtime which will encourage the baby to roll over. Start with giving them some help and then they will get the hang of it and you won’t have to wonder when does baby roll over.

  • Give Them Tummy Time

Tummy time helps a lot in engaging the muscles of the core and hands and this will encourage the baby to roll over easily. You can expect the baby to roll over once they start to lift their shoulders and head more during tummy time and you don’t need to help them roll over once they start doing these small things. 

  • Challenging Them

Challenging your baby and keeping things at somewhat of a difficult reach will help the baby to move their body more and roll over eventually. Start with their favorite toy and keep it out of reach. This will motivate the baby to get up on their own and frolic their way to their toy. 


There you have it! Rolling over will soon help the baby start crawling and stand up on their own and they will start to crawl and mimic walking too. This is why you need to encourage your baby to roll over often. 


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