When Can You Take A Pregnancy Test?

When Can You Take A Pregnancy Test?

When can you take a pregnancy test: It’s an unexplainable feeling when you feel like your body is telling you to take a pregnancy test. But how do you know when can you take a pregnancy test? When is the right time? Here is everything you need to know about when to take a pregnancy test

  • When Your Period Is Late

This is a very big indicator of when you should probably take a pregnancy test. If you are someone who has their period on the dot, with no delay, and if you have missed it, then it’s probably time for you to grab a stick and get it over with. Your period is probably missed by the time you were ovulating and then this might be the time you probably conceived with your partner. 

  • When You Didn’t Use Protection

If you didn’t use protection the last time you were intimate with your partner, and it just so happened that you were also ovulating, then it’s probably a good idea to get a heads up and take a test. Pregnancy can be a one-hit wonder for a lot of women and you never know that you could be one of them too. 

  • Your Breasts Are Sore

If you are looking for bodily signs that you might be pregnant, then take a look at your breasts. They usually are tender and they feel very sore when you are a few days along and you are not feeling any other signs of pregnancy like missing your period. If your breasts are sore, then you should probably break out the stick and find out for yourself. 

  • Certain Foods Make You Feel Sick

After a few days of your breasts feeling sore, you will also experience revulsion towards certain foods. You will feel nauseous at the smell of eggs, bacon, and milk. You will want to immediately throw up.

The type of foods that can cause your stomach to turn can be different for different women, so it’s very difficult to set a list of foods that will set your stomach off. So, lookout for signs of morning sickness and foods that make you feel like you can’t even take a bite. 

What Is The Best Time of The Day To Take A Test?

Once you know when can you take a pregnancy test and you have the stick ready to go, but now you don’t know what the right time is to pee on the stick. Well, that can be fixed. Try to pee on the stick in the morning hours when your urine is concentrated and abundant with sugar and HCG. This will give you precise and accurate results and there will be no what ifs or second-guessing.


There you have it! With these tips, you will know exactly what the right time is to take a pregnancy test. Look out for these telltale signs and you will get your answer within a matter of a few minutes. 


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