In the world of video baby monitors, there are about a million different options in every style, size, and price bracket. Features like high-definition resolution, two-way talk capabilities, wide-angle viewing, pan, tilt, and more can be found with even the cheapest options on the market, which makes it hard to stand out – or justify spending more on something that on the surface seems so similar.

For parents who want an over-the-crib, Wi-Fi video baby monitor with all the bells and whistles and a focus on prioritizing privacy and safety, the new VTech V-Care Smart Nursery Camera is really unique.

Here’s a review of the VTech V-Care VC2105 Smart Nursery Baby Monitor, what it can do, and how it stacks up against other smart monitors.

What are the VTech V-Care VC2105 Smart Nursery Baby Monitor features?

Just like some other popular over-the-crib mount monitors, the VTech V-Care VC2105 Smart Nursery Baby Monitor comes with a long list of thoughtful features, including:

  • 1080p full HD video streaming with free live remote access
  • Real-time alerts with face covering detection, motion detection, cry detection, and rollover detection
  • Two-way talk-back capabilities
  • 110 degree wide-angle lens
  • 5-inch color LCD screen with 720p high-definition parent unit
  • Automatic infrared night vision
  • Temperature and humidity sensor and alerts
  • Adaptive night light and music player on baby unit
  • Long battery life for parent unit (about 12 hours)
  • Baby sleep analytics and sleep analysis via Sleep Experts
  • Optional breathing sensor tag
  • Can be wall mounted or a floor stand can be purchased separately

Is it secure and private?

Yes. The unique design of this Wi-Fi monitor keeps all of your information inside the unit, meaning there’s no uploading anything to the cloud or any other kind of remote data storage. This also keeps things running quickly, as there’s no lag between your device and a server while information is transferred (a common complaint with some competitors).

Can I connect it to my smartphone or tablet?

Yes. Devices running Android 6.0 and later and iOS 12 or later can connect and interact with this monitor remotely (or just be used as an additional parent unit in the house) via the My VTech Baby Plus app, giving as many caregivers as you’d like remote access no matter where they are.

What is the range?

1000 feet for the parent unit, but unlimited range if you have the app and use your phone or tablet to check in on things.

Does it require Wi-Fi to function?

Yes, although if your Wi-Fi connection is weak, it’s possible to pair the baby and parent units. Per VTech, the two devices need to be “close” though it’s unclear how close they need to be.

Can I access the live feed remotely?

Yes, you and as many users as you’d like can access the feed remotely via the free My VTech Baby Plus app, which is unique compared to some competitors.

Can you take it with you for a weekend away?

You can purchase a floor stand that is sold separately if you think you’ll travel with it often or if you’ll need to move it around a lot. It can also be connected to any Wi-Fi that you have access to.

How does the VTech V-Care Smart Nursery Camera compare to other brands?

Bells and whistles aside, this monitor stands out in a few key ways.

✅ Unique data storage

All information is kept on the device and out of the cloud, making it more secure, quicker, and cheaper since there are no fees or subscriptions. While other popular brands, including the Nanit, CuboAI, and Owlet, all have their own data protections enabled, the VTech V-Care Smart Nursery Camera is the only one that keeps all the data housed within the unit.

✅ Saved video and events

Up to 18 hours of local video recording and 500 event-triggered recordings (like sitting up or rolling over) can all be accessed for free. While other brands have similar features, none of them offer access to this quantity of stored recordings for free.

✅ Caregiver Access

As many caregivers as you’d like can have access to the device for free, which is another place competitors have additional charges.

✅ Better price

It has a cheaper base price than the primary competitor (Nanit) and doesn’t require any subscriptions.

Are there any additional costs, such as subscription fees or in-app purchases?

Nope. The app is free, as is all of the professional in-app advice users have access to through it.

Who would like this monitor?

This monitor could check a lot of boxes for many families.

Parents of infants who value privacy and need a little extra reassurance that all is well while everyone is sleeping will appreciate the safety features, crisp sound, and high-resolution camera.

Parents of toddlers will find the soothing light, lullabies, and ability to sweetly (so sweetly) beg them to (please for the love of all that’s holy) lay back down from the comfort of their own bed via the two-way talk function super useful.

Additionally,  there’s the sleep analytics AI side of things, which can also be helpful for parents looking to understand their baby’s sleep patterns better. The free app is also a huge perk if you want access to advice from medical experts and professional sleep guidance.

Combined, this means years of usefulness across many sleep sectors, which can factor into making decisions about spending a little extra money on something that comes in a broad range of prices.

Who wouldn’t like this monitor?

Sometimes these things can just be too much. Too much info and too many variables can make it hard to trust your own judgment, which can be especially hard to deal with at a time as emotionally and mentally exhausting as becoming a new parent. Know your temperament – would you find this reassuring, or would it make you twitchy?

What other parents have to say about it

“The picture is clear, the camera has a great range of motion and the app was so user friendly. My husband works away and we just love that he has the option of checking in on our little one through the app, even when he’s working.”Lindsey Parent Tested Parent Approved

“It records things for up to 18 hours so I can look back to see my baby’s sleep patterns and movements.” Mike Amazon

“The battery!!! It lasts forever!! Our previous monitor would last maybe a couple hours when we would unplug it. We didn’t test it until dead, but we’ve gone over the 6 hour mark and still had a full bar.”Erin Parent Tested Parent Approved

“The best part is continuous recording, every morning, we see the video on how she behaves across the night at quick glance using the slider. This a truly amazing and fast, and the video is stored locally on the camera, not on cloud.”Pig and Bear Amazon

baby sleeping in a crib with the VTech V-Care Smart Nursery Camera attached to the wall

To sum up the VTech V-Care Smart Nursery Camera

This over-the-crib Wi-Fi smart baby monitor comes with an impressive list of features but stands out from the competition because of the unique way it safeguards your privacy while still providing similar services as other smart monitors.

It comes at a lower price point but still delivers when it comes to safety, insights, and sleep guidance. If you’re in the market for a smart video monitor, the V-Care VC2105 should definitely make your shortlist.

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