Kate is a first-time mom, and had an unmedicated hospital birth. Baby’s arrival was quite unexpected and happened during a stressful week of life. In the end she ended up laboring at home as long as possible, gave birth in a hospital, and although she was supposed to deliver with midwives, she ended up having to deliver with an OB.

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Kate Eskuri Bio

Kate is a registered nurse, college instructor, board-certified health coach, and has her doctorate of nursing specialized in Integrative Health. Kate’s healthcare experience is a unique blend of modern and traditional– having worked in an ICU setting and also getting her doctorate degree specialized in integrative health, she respects and understands modern medicine, but prefers to start with natural remedies, nutrition, mindset shifts, and other proactive approaches to health. Kate strives to make a healthy lifestyle SIMPLE and REALISTIC for her clients. Over time, Kate has built a social media following by sharing her holistic (and realistic) hacks for health. She created The Foundation Blog as a place to inspire women to invest in their health through simple, foundational daily practices that are easy-to-understand and actually REALISTIC to implement in busy day-to-day life. She lives in Duluth, Minnesota with her husband, Adam, her son, Miles, and her dog, Summit. Connect with her via instagram: @kate.eskuri
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