Teddy’s Birth

Whitney got married in 2015 and spent the first 4 years of marriage completing her education and settling into her career. She was overjoyed to discover she was pregnant in October 2019. She planned for an unmedicated hospital birth with a family medicine doctor. Despite some first trimester food aversions and exhaustion, her pregnancy was smooth and free of complications. The COVID-19 pandemic hit the US at the beginning of Whitney’s third trimester, leading to a furlough from her job and a lot of uncertainty regarding her birth and post-partum experience. She made the most of her time at home, listening to every episode of The Birth Hour, walking miles per day, and reading every birth book she could get her hands on. Despite her desire to go into labor on her own, Whitney ended up with a long post-dates induction at 41+3. Even though she did not achieve her goal of an undmedicated birth, the birth of Whitney’s son Teddy was one of the most beautiful, empowering days of her life. 

Harvey’s Birth

After a chaotic post-partum after Teddy’s birth (selling and buying a house, a new job, and a big move all in his first year), Whitney and her husband were excited to add a second child to their family. Whitney became pregnant in October 2021 and her pregnancy quickly followed the pattern of her first – food aversions, nausea, exhaustion – but thankfully remained complication-free. Whitney established care with a midwife and planned again for an unmedicated hospital birth with the goal of going into labor on her own. Despite trying everything (except castor oil) to start labor at home, Whitney had the medication-free post-dates induction of her dreams. Baby Harvey entered the world with the fetal ejection reflex in one of the coolest experiences Whitney has ever had. Postpartum with Harvey was joyful and relaxing!

Whitney Stock Bio

Whitney is an optometrist who lives in the Minneapolis suburbs with her husband, Ben, her two sons, Teddy and Harvey, and her labradoodle, Violet. She is an avid reader, and loves to bake, hike, and plan intricate travel itineraries. You can usually find Whitney hanging out at the lake, chasing her toddler around, or cozied up with a good book. Connect with her on IG @whit.stock or on Facebook Whitney Stock


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