Kyra had one induced birth with an epidural that ended in her daughter having complications after birth and needing to stay in the NICU for 9 days. Kyra labored for a total of 3 days and left 12 hours after birth to go be with her newborn at a different hospital. She had a very easy physical recovery but a hard emotional recovery leaving permanent trauma.

Kyra’s second birth was an unintentional unmedicated labor that ended in a cesarean birth due to her epidural clotting twice and doctors making the decision that an epidural was not an option. Her postpartum recovery was a shock after not being prepared for a c-section and also this was the first time she had her baby in the room immediately after birth. Kyra is currently 11 weeks postpartum and is still trying to navigate having a new postpartum body and being a mother of 2.

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Kyra Jean Bio

Kyra is a stay at home mom and is nursing her 11 week old on demand. She is so grateful for having both experiences during her birthing process.  Connect with her on Facebook:


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