Kelsey’s first pregnancy, although physically uneventful, was riddled with severe anxiety and worry she would not bond with her baby. Kelsey planned for an unmedicated hospital birth but at 41 weeks was induced due to climbing blood pressure. Although proud of herself for avoiding an epidural, Kelsey left the hospital feeling completely traumatized and ill prepared to feed her baby. Breastfeeding challenges were numerous and became the sole focus of that first year of postpartum. Like so many women, this sparked a fire in Kelsey to learn as much as she could about birth and breastfeeding, in part to process her own trauma but also in the hopes she may support other women in their experience from maiden to mother. Kelsey, courageously, left her abusive marriage when her first born was around 2 years old. And while still in the process of a very tumultuous divorce, Kelsey became unexpectedly pregnant in October of 2020. After wading through many different emotions and logistics, Kelsey and her new partner started the process of blending their families and planning for a homebirth. Kelsey had a blissful pregnancy, full of love and support. Followed by a well-supported hospital transfer and redemptive breastfeeding experience.  

hospital-induction 41 weeks birth story

Kelsey Contreras Bio

is a mother of two sweet boys and one awesome bonus boy. Kelsey is married to her best friend, Luccas, and together with their blended family, live in a little town about thirty minutes south of Madison, Wisconsin. Kelsey is a psychotherapist with a specialty in Perinatal Mental Health and is also active in her local birth community. Kelsey enjoys spending time outdoors with her brood of boys, doing yoga, and cooking for her family and friends. Connect with her on Instagram @kelsanns87


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