No offense to the other three seasons, but fall fashion is by far the most exciting — not to mention the most chic and shoppable — time of year. There’s a reason September fashion magazines are as thick as textbooks; summer’s end means polished back-to-school ’fits, tailored dresses, shirts, and suits perfect for a crisp autumn day, fitted jackets that don’t need to withstand arctic temperatures (but will keep you warm in a pumpkin patch), cozy sweaters for festive gatherings with family and friends, boots and cardigans and layers, and more.

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for fresh fall looks for the whole family, then consider Macy’s your failproof fall fashion destination. There, you’ll find everything on your list, from flirty fall dresses to faux leather to denim, statement bracelets, preppy loafers, and top-handle bags. To make this season’s shopping even more fun (and easier than ever), we’ve developed a quiz to help find your family’s signature style. Are you all about classic comfort, a pumpkin spice latté in human form? Would a beloved ’90s sitcom heartthrob say, “Hey, Preppy,” if he saw you strutting your new styles? Or do you like to stay so ahead of the trends, you’re already in 2024? Whatever your fashion profile, Macy’s has amazing deals on looks for everyone in your crew.

What’s your family’s unofficial fashion motto?

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