The world may be a divisive place, but it’s safe to say we can all agree on at least two things: 1) the sky is blue, and 2) baby butts are the epitome of squishy, squeezy, oh-so-pinchable happiness in all their dimply, jiggly human anatomical form. Tell me I’m wrong; I’ll wait.

So Huggies, the makers of diapers that cover our kids’ booties for the first two(ish) years of their lives, decided to make a book about it. Consider it an ode to baby butts, while also being educational for the kids in your life.


The book, aptly named The AlphaButt Book, is an ABC book but with a twist: Every image features illustrations from a variety of acclaimed artists— from New Yorker illustrator Christoph Neiman to children’s book author/illustrator Tyler Feder to street artists Brosmind — of adorable baby tushies in all their glory molded into the letters of the alphabet. Think H is for “Herculean Butt” and P is for “Pillowy Butt.”


The intro page reads:

You know, there are lots of you babies out there, each with your own face, your own hair, and your own little butt. That’s right, you got your own squishy tushy with its own special shape. See, you babies and your butts come in beautiful shapes and sizes. And we believe each one should squiggle, wiggle, and jiggle around freely. In fact we wrote the book on that. Literally. So here’s to the gazillion shapes of babies and butts out there. Or at least 26 of them, this being an alphabet book and all.

It’s the first-ever book from the diaper giant, and 100% of the proceeds go to the National Diaper Bank Network, a charity which provides diapers to families in need.


You can purchase the book at


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