It’s almost time for even more a-meow-zing adventures! On March 20, the beloved DreamWorks Animation series Gabby’s Dollhouse returns for Season 7 — and in this season focused on travels, Gabby and Pandy will take off on purrr-planes, trains, and the pawsome SS Mercat cruise ship in pursuit of colorful explorations and experiences. Back at the Dollhouse, the crafty shenanigans parents and kids alike have come to know (and love) continue, from googly-eyed mischief to whipping up cat-tastic icy treats and more.

Fans have been anxiously awaiting updates on the adorable preschool series since Season 6 dropped in November 2022. In the last year alone, every season of Gabby’s Dollhouse made it onto the Netflix Top 10 Kids list — for weeks on end, no less — in over 88 countries. It’s not hard to understand the appeal. The series smartly leans into kids’ love of unboxing videos and miniatures, which it does through an uplifting amalgamation of imagination, quirky kitty characters, and the ultimate wish-fulfillment: a dollhouse you can actually shrink down and play inside.

In Scary Mommy’s exclusive look at the official trailer for this brand-new season, Gabby and all her BFFs (best feline friends, natch) promise you’re going to “really, really, really love” everything in store.

So much fun, right?

As a parent, a major part of the magic for me lies in the show’s celebration of the power of “yet.” (“If it hasn’t happened yet, it will happen next time!”) According to the series’ co-creators, Traci Paige Johnson and Jennifer Twomey, the idea took root when they first began developing the show and came across Carol Dweck’s book, The Growth Mindset. “We just said, ‘This is it.’ Celebrating mistakes, giving things a go,” Johnson tells us.

Twomey adds, “Research has shown that keeping that growth mindset attitude is something that can be taught — especially to this age group because that’s when they’re first forming their experiences. So instead of saying, ‘I’m not good at sports.’ It’s like, ‘Nobody’s good the first time they do anything. So that’s why you’re not good yet. But if you keep trying it, you practice, you put hard work in, you can become good at it.’ So, I think that that’s something this season that really comes out in the episodes.”

DreamWorks Animation/Netflix

Of course, that’s not all they’re excited to share with kids this season. Johnson promises the new episodes are “extra magical,” hinting, “There’s so much good stuff!” From visiting the meow-seum and “broadening the definition of art for kids” to embracing the idea that every new adventure is an opportunity to grow your world.

“This season is all about travel, adventure, and making new friends,” says Twomey. “How do you make a new friend when you meet someone different from you, or when you travel to a new place? Having those adventures and explorations is so important, and we feel like this season really embodies that.”

DreamWorks Animation/Netflix

Speaking with the creative minds behind Gabby’s Dollhouse, who’ve worked together for over 25 years — dating back to the iconic Blue’s Clues, where Johnson was a co-creator and Twomey an executive producer — it’s obvious they’re just as excited to see Season 7 drop as fans are to watch it.

“One of the key elements for us in making the show is that we want to spark creativity. Kids have so much media available. So, one of the things that we always keep in mind when writing new episodes and creating them is we want kids to be able to watch the show, then turn off the media and be inspired by the show to create things in their own world and play on after the show is over,” explains Twomey. “That’s super important to us.”

“Having kids ourselves, we know how to spark their interests, and they’re just such great story starters and catalysts to our adventures,” shares Johnson. “We love that the world is loving Gabby and the Gabby Cats as much as we are.”

Season 7 of Gabby’s Dollhouse premieres March 20 on Netflix.

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