The emotional rollercoaster is finally over. Bluey fans are rejoicing after the tremendous Season 3 finale, which aired around the world on April 14 — and what a ride it was!

“The Sign” was a tour de force for the record-smashing Australian animated series, concluding an epic season with their longest episode ever. It wrapped up storylines that began years ago and opened the door for a new status quo where anything is possible. We had celebrations, police chases, valuable lime lessons, and some unexpected reveals and twists that shocked many viewers.

There’s a lot to unpack with this episode, as well as the future of the franchise, so let’s break down one of the most anticipated cartoon finales from recent times. If you haven’t watched “The Sign” yet, we suggest doing so before reading this article. Spoilers are headed your way faster than a sleep-deprived Muffin rampaging on a sugar high!

What’s “The Sign” about?

Trailer for “The Sign”

Picking up where “Ghostbasket” left off, the Heelers are selling their home as they prepare to move to a new city where Bandit has found a better job. He believes he’s doing it for the good of his family, but Chilli and the girls aren’t completely behind the idea. Meanwhile, everyone is getting ready for Rad and Frisky’s wedding in their backyard. While Bluey’s ecstatic about the occasion, she isn’t looking forward to this move and believes removing the “For Sale” sign from their lawn can prevent this event from happening.

Moments before Frisky helps Bluey pull the sign out of the dirt (only because it’s an eyesore), she fights with Rad, calls off the wedding, and angrily drives away. Bluey goes in hot pursuit with Chilli and the kids to find the runaway bride and set things right (and hopefully end the house sale).

After narrowly missing her multiple times, the family catches up to Frisky and convinces her to continue with the ceremony — just in time for Rad to find his fiancée and make amends. The wedding goes as planned, including an epic Dance Mode with the extended Heeler clan, but there’s still one loose end to tie up.

A couple buys the Heeler house, and the family packs up their belongings to make the move official. At the last minute, the realtor calls to tell them the buyer canceled the purchase. Bandit tosses the “For Sale” sign off the lawn, and the family moves back into their beloved home.

Growing Up Bluey

Bluey isn’t the only character with a major change in their life!

BBC/ Disney

While all eyes were on Rad and Frisky’s wedding, the deeper message seems to be about growing up and accepting the uncertainty of how life changes — whether one wants it to or not.

“I think we never know what’s going to happen,” Melanie Zanetti, the actress for Chilli, explained in an exclusive interview with Scary Mommy. “So we have to be present with everyone, make the best decision we can at the time, and not hold on too tightly to anything, because we don’t know where things are going. To quote Chilli, ‘The world is a magical place.’ I think as long as we’re all going there together, it’s going to be a great adventure.”

Dave McCormack, the voice of Bandit, added, “You’ve just got to be in the moment. And that’s what I think this episode says. You don’t know what’s going to happen. You’ve just got to do the best you can at that split second, and it’s all meant to be.”

Zanetti concluded by remarking about one thing that stuck with her that brought finality to this dramatic episode. “There’s that line that Chili has where she’s like, I’m kind of over making sense of this. Let’s go dance. I love that line. That’s my favorite line in maybe the whole series.”

Beyond the valuable lime lesson, the kids showed some major changes mentally and physically during “The Sign.” For the first time in the series, Socks spoke with her sister and cousins on the same level as them while walking on two legs instead of four. Muffin’s elocution had improved, along with a change in her voice. But perhaps biggest of all — Bluey rode in the front seat of the family car (which we all now know is legal in Queensland)!

Not only that, Bluey was instrumental in helping her Mum talk Frisky back into being married, being an active participant in the conversation instead of questioning what was happening as she might have in the past. She also consoled Bingo in a very mature way when her little sis finally realized the severity of the moving situation. Bluey might not be on the same level as the adults, but she’s beginning to better understand the world around her, marking a significant shift in how this character thinks.

Besides tackling change, we also saw the return of Aunt Brandy, last seen in the gut-wrenching “Onesies” episode. This time, she’s not alone and is shown pregnant during the ceremony. We also solved the mystery of where Grandpa Bob had been for the past few years, a character viewers suspected was written out of the show. It turns out he’s doing just fine and was on a sojourn away from Australia to “find himself.”

Is this the end of Bluey?

The hot topic among Bluey fans, young and old, is whether or not “The Sign” is not just the end of Season 3 but the conclusion to the entire series. Looking at the build-up, as well as the format for the episode, it certainly feels like a definitive wrap to everything. Thankfully, to quote Chilli, “The show must go on!”

In July 2023, we learned that Bluey, according to Daley Pearson, Bluey’s executive producer and Ludo Studio co-founder, would be going on a voluntary hiatus. Rumors circulated about this being a potential red herring, especially with Ludo Studio working on a new mature animated series that may shift its focus away from the kid’s show. The outcry among its audience was enough to force a more official statement on the longevity of the series.

Zanetti and McCormack unofficially said the series would continue, but those decisions were out of their hands. Thankfully, one of the people higher on the food chain had some news for us.

“No, it is not the end for Bluey. I’m sure we have many more surprises in store for you,” Bluey producer Sam Moor told the BBC’s Nick Robinson. “We have more in store and we are thinking what would be next.”

Bluey is available to watch on Disney Junior and The Disney Channel in the US, and streaming on Disney+.

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