New year, new me, new TV! The holiday season takes a toll, and come January, many of us mamas are in need of some relaxation. We’re giving you permission because 2023 brings with it tons of new and returning shows coming to your living room screens. No matter what type of mom you are, there’s a show that is sure to pique your interest.

From apocalyptic dramas to comedic reboots and everything in between, grab your remote and resolve to find the best show based on what type of mom you are! Finally, a New Year’s resolution you can keep.

For the Fashion-Obsessed Mom

Emily in Paris, Season 3 | Netflix, December 21

This mom stays up to date on the latest trends, and any evening out is a reason to look her best. She studies the runway looks and will love Emily’s boundary-pushing fashion sense. Watching Emily juggle two jobs at once is just more fun when you can obsess about the outfits she does it in! The show’s costume designer shared that season 3 had 14,000 items to choose from! Christmas came early since the new season of Emily in Paris launched at the end of 2022, but we’re still including it here because we know you were too busy entertaining your family to get this watch in.

For the Mom Dealing With a Difficult Teenage Daughter

Ginny & Georgia, Season 2 | Netflix, January 5

Teenagers can be tough, and daughters have a knack for really torturing their moms at this stage. This mom feels that pain and will find comfort in watching the complicated yet loving relationship between Ginny and her mother, Georgia. Season one ended almost two years ago, but it picks back up after Ginny finally learns her mother’s dark secret. The season begins with mother and daughter at odds with each other — yet again.

For the Mom Who Still Dreams About Her Wedding Day

Best in Bridal | Disney+, January 11

This mom will use any excuse to post a wedding photo and consistently look back on the best day of her life (tied with the birth of her children, obviously). In this reality series, David Gaffke and his all-male staff (there’s a twist) at Illinois-based Bridal Boys by Complete Bridal compete against the rival all-female boutique owned by Shelley Murray to dress women to look their best on their wedding day.

For the Mom Who Never Misses Her Weekly Tennis Game

Break Point | Netflix, January 13

This mama releases steam on the court, and she comes to win. She should be sure to check out this 10-episode docuseries, which follows underdog tennis stars as they compete in the biggest competitions around the globe.

For the Mom Who Has Her Panic Room Ready

The Last of Us | HBO, January 15

This mom knows exactly where she’ll be in the zombie apocalypse and has her family’s survival packs at the ready. She’ll enjoy The Last of Us, an adaption from a video game of the same name. It follows 14-year-old Ellie, who was somehow immune to the virus that created the infection that wiped out most of humanity, and Joel, the survivor who has lost his sense of morality. The two must travel across the country to search for the future of humankind.

For the Mom Who Still Can’t Believe She’s This Old

That 90’s Show | Netflix, January 19

This mom yearns for nostalgia and refuses to accept her age. So, get ready to hear her say, “I can’t believe I’m so old,” one more time when she tunes into the spinoff of That 70’s Show (which actually aired in the ’90s). The show still follows the lives of Kitty and Red, but the kids this time around are their grandchildren. We wouldn’t be surprised if the expression “back in my day…” slips out from this mom’s lips while explaining to her kids how you used to have to call someone’s home line to speak to them!

For the Mom Who Won’t Stop Until She Finds Her Kid’s Missing Backpack

Poker Face | Peacock, January 26

This mom doesn’t like to leave any stone unturned and wants answers to her questions. Nothing slips by her! She’ll eat up this 10-part mystery series created by Rian Johson, who also wrote and directed Knives Out. In a similar vein, Poker Face stars Natasha Lyonne as a detective who can always tell when someone is lying. Each episode follows her as she solves the “case-of-the-week” mystery.

For the Stay-at-Home Mom Who Is at Her Breaking Point

Shrinking | Apple TV+, January 27

Overall, the last several years have been rough on moms. This stay-at-home mom needs a good laugh and will totally be able to relate to the lead character in Shrinking. Jason Siegal stars as a shrink who, after the loss of his wife, starts breaking out of therapist mode and telling his clients exactly what he really thinks. The show hails from the same team who created Ted Lasso, so we’re expecting some heartfelt moments along with the laughs.

For the Mama Who Brings the Drama

The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Season 13 | Bravo & Peacock, February 7

What can she say? This mom likes to gossip and stir the pot. She considers the women of the Real Housewives franchise inspirational, and she will not be disappointed by what the ladies of New Jersey bring to the screen in season 13. This mom has been itching to see what led to Melissa not attending Teresa’s wedding. The trailer also shows more bad blood and messy situations between Jennifer and Margaret, Frank and Delores, and of course, the new Jersey girl in town (Jennifer Fessler.)

For the Sleep-Deprived Mom With a Newborn

Party Down Reboot, Season 3 | Starz, February 24

This mom needs a show with an easy-to-follow plotline and episodes short enough that she won’t doze off while watching. This cult-favorite sitcom, which initially had two seasons on Starz back in 2010, follows the lives of Hollywood wannabes as they work together as caterers in LA. It returns in February with almost the entire original cast, including Adam Scott, Jane Lynch, and Ryan Hansen.

For the History Buff Mom

White House Plumbers | HBO, March 2023

This mom couldn’t wait for her kids to bring their history homework home so she could weigh in. She enjoys factual-based shows, so this new one from HBO, based on the 2007 book Integrity, White House Plumbers, will be right up her alley. It’s about the men who were former operatives of the White House Special Investigative Unit which was created to stop leaking classified information to the press during the Pentagon Papers. These men went on to be the Watergate masterminds who capsized Nixon’s presidency.

For the Executive Mom

Succession, Season 4 | HBO, Spring 2023

You may think the career-savvy mom will want a break from anything corporate, but the work and family drama on Succession is so captivating and extreme it will make anything happening in real life not feel as bad. The series ended Season 3 with an epic betrayal, and if there’s one thing we know, those Royce kids will fight back.

For the Bookworm Mom

All The Light We Cannot See | Netflix, 2023 TBD

There is no doubt this mom devoured this Pulitzer-winning novel of the same name and still remembers all of the emotional and heartwarming details. This World War II-era story is being adapted into a four-part series for Netflix that we’ll see sometime next year. Interestingly, the protagonist in the novel, Marie-Laure Leblanc, is a young blind girl, and the actress cast for the role, Aria Mia Loberti, is also blind. Start stocking up on some tissues now, Mama.

For the Mom in Need of Spicing Up Her Sex Life

The Idol | HBO, 2023 TBD

Let’s face it: Being a mom is exhausting. This mom is always tired, and sex has fallen way down on her to-do list. Some sexual inspiration is needed to get the juices flowing. The Idol promises to do just that — the trailer shows several sexually charged scenes, along with some 50-Shades-of-Gray-esque domination. This series stars The Weeknd, who plays the leader of a contemporary cult who preys on a young fame-hungry pop star, played by Lily Rose-Depp (yes, daughter to Johnny).

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