The 50 Weirdest, Most Clever Things Under $35 On Amazon You Never Knew Existed

The 50 Weirdest, Most Clever Things Under  On Amazon You Never Knew Existed


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Sometimes you don’t know what you need until you see it staring you in the face — or in this case, see it while scrolling through Amazon. And there’s no doubt that you’ll have an aha moment more than once when you check out this list of clever (and TBH sometimes downright weird) items that are designed to make life a little easier. I’m talking everything from products that streamline your commute to clever finds that upgrade your next wine night. The best part? They’re all under $35 and available on Amazon.


These Travel-Friendly Toiletry Covers That Prevent Leaks

You can think of these toiletry sleeves as condoms for your shampoo, lotion, and any other bottles that are likely to leak while traveling. Made of super stretchy rubber, they create a tight seal when placed over toiletry bottles, preventing gooey messes in your luggage. Each one has a universal fit and is reusable, too.


A Pair Of Portable Hand Warmers For Toastier Fingers

Place these portable hand warmers in your pockets any time you plan on being out in the cold. They heat rapidly — with three heat settings to choose from — and the rechargeable battery lasts up to 20 hours. The compact size and lightweight design make them perfect for taking on the go, whether that’s camping, skiing, or just for a walk around the neighborhood.


This Self-Stirring Travel Mug For Mixing Drinks On The Go

Your travel tumbler can keep your drinks hot or cold but can it stir them, too? This travel coffee mug can, mixing up everything from coffee to hot cocoa and even protein shakes with its built-in magnetic stirrer. It runs on two AAA batteries and features a spill-proof lid and slip-resistant rubber bottom.


The Spiky Massage Ball That Reduces Muscle Tension

This massaging ball helps relieve discomfort and stimulates circulation for healthy, happy feet. Simply move your feet back and forth against the spikes to soothe soreness after a long day. You can even place it under your shoulders or back and lie on it to release knots.


A Gel Mask That Soothes Eyestrain, Headaches & Swelling

Soothe your eyes with this therapeutic eye mask. The flexible gel mask is designed to stay hot or cold (just microwave or freeze it) to offer relief to dry eyes, swelling, irritated sinuses, or headache discomfort. It’s BPA-free and made without latex, so it’s a good choice for sensitive skin.


This Lint Roller That’s Actually A Secret Safe

This isn’t just a lint roller. In fact, it has a little secret — there’s a hidden safe compartment for storing valuables where no one would think to look. Just pop the cap off the inner tube and stuff it with cash, jewelry, or anything you want to keep away from prying eyes. And, yes, it’s a functioning lint roller, too.


These Divided Bowls For Cereal That’s Way Less Soggy

Keep cereal from going soggy with these practical divider bowls. They feature two compartments for separating cereal from milk, so you can dip and eat. You can also use them for chips and salsa, veggies and ranch, or any other foods you want to keep from touching. For convenience, they’re microwave- and dishwasher-safe.


A Rectangular Lazy Susan That Maximizes Storage In The Corners

For some reason, most lazy Susans are round, but that’s exactly what sets this best-selling turntable organizer apart. It has a rectangular design that makes use of corner space, so you get every bit of storage you can. It features 360-degree rotation and strong suction cups to keep it securely in place. Use it in the fridge or on a pantry shelf to make items easy to access with just a spin.


This Highly Rated Book Light That Fits Right Around Your Neck

Whether reading or working on projects that require a little extra light, this hands-free book light is a great choice — and it’s earned a 4.7-star overall rating after 113,000 reviews. It sits comfortably around the neck and features flexible arms for directing light exactly where you want it. The lights can be adjusted to six brightness levels and three color temperatures to suit your viewing preferences.


These Car Headrest Hooks For Purses, Takeout Bags & Everything Else

These super strong headrest hooks fit right around the rods of your car headrests, providing solid support for everything from grocery bags to backpacks to takeout bags — helpful if you don’t want pad thai to spill all over your car’s floor. They come in a convenient four-pack, and can be faced forward or backward to meet your specific needs.


The Suction Phone Grip That Mounts To Flat Surfaces

Stick your phone to almost any flat surface with this suction cup phone grip. The peel-and-stick adhesive backing makes installation quick and easy, while the 24 suction cups provide the ultimate grip on walls, mirrors, and car dashboards. It may be the weirdest phone grip you’ve seen yet, but with hundreds of rave reviews, it’s a must-try.


This Balance Board That Helps You Improve Full-Body Strength

Build strength and stability with this balance board you can use to target nearly any muscle group. Whether you stand on it or use it to add an extra element of challenge to push-ups and other exercises, it’s a truly versatile piece of equipment. The board is crafted from solid wood with a strong plastic base — and it costs way less than a gym membership.


A Running Belt With A Low-Profile, No-Bounce Design

This isn’t an old-school fanny pack. In fact, this running belt has a slim, sleek design that’s designed to lie flush against your body while you jog. It stays put with an adjustable clip closure while holding everything from keys to credit cards and cell phones. And the breathable fabric is waterproof, so you can stash it all with peace of mind.


This Travel Water Bottle That Collapses For Portability & Storage

This travel-friendly water bottle collapses down to under 2 inches, so you can easily tuck it away in a backpack when you’re not using it. Holding up to 25 ounces, it’s made from BPA-free silicone that’s both durable and flexible. The lid is completely leakproof and features a built-in flip-top straw and a convenient carrying handle.


The Travel-Friendly Soap Sheets That Are Biodegradable

Now you can bring your own suds on camping and road trips with these compact soap sheets made from vegan and biodegradable ingredients. They’re easy to use — just grab, wet, and lather — and ultra-effective. Choose from unscented and scented options.


These No-Rinse Body Wipes For When A Shower Just Isn’t An Option

These body wipes are ideal for getting nice and clean when jumping in the shower isn’t an option. These no-rinse wipes are infused with aloe vera, chamomile, and vitamin E for a cleansing, moisturizing, and residue-free experience. You can even stick them in the microwave to warm them up for a more relaxing “shower.”


This Handy Food Chopper That Saves So Much Time When Cooking

This food chopper saves time on meal prep by chopping vegetables and fruits in one swift motion. Even better, it comes with a guard to help prevent hands from ever coming into contact with the sharp blades. This dishwasher-safe gadget comes with two interchangeable attachments, so you can chop or dice, depending on your needs.


A Vegetable Spiralizer That Takes Up Minimal Storage Space

Effortlessly transform your favorite vegetables into impressive ribbons and “noodles” with this compact spiralizer. It features four adjustable blades and a cup container that can also be used for storing leftovers. Several reviews reported it’s easy to use and doesn’t take up too much cabinet space.


The Wine Aerator & Chilling Rod For Better Whites & Roses

This wine chiller is a must for instantly bringing whites and rosés to a crisp temperature. Simply keep it in the freezer, then insert it directly into the bottle to bring your vino down to a proper drinking temperature. Plus, it doubles as an aerator, infusing wine with oxygen, so you get the full flavor and aroma experience from each pour.


This Little Herb Stripper That Separates The Stem From The Leaves

If you’ve ever been tasked with hand-picking every leaf off an herb stem, you’ll appreciate this clever little herb stripper that does the job for you. Just place the stem into one of the four holes on the stainless steel blade, pull through, and watch the leaves fall right into the cup. Try it with rosemary, thyme, tarragon, or any other herb.


These Protective Drawer Liners Infused With French Fragrance Oils

These drawer liners are perfect for protecting your delicates from snagging on wood surfaces — plus they’re lightly scented with French fragrance oils to keep your wardrobe smelling fresh. They require no adhesive, making them easy to install by cutting to size and laying flat in drawers. Choose from several beautiful patterns and scents.


This Useful Gag Gift That Times Your Toilet Sessions

Gift this hilarious sand timer to anyone notorious for hogging the throne (i.e., the toilet). It runs for five minutes and features a unique inner mechanism that resets by rotating it 360 degrees — so you don’t have to hold it upside down. The flat base and sturdy construction make it practical and durable, too.


A Tabletop Water Dispenser That Does Away With Cumbersome Water Coolers

This tabletop water dispenser makes filling your cup so easy and is especially great for anyone who might struggle with trying to insert a big jug into a water cooler. The tube submerges into almost any size container and fills cups with the touch of a button. The USB rechargeable battery is long lasting, so you can take it on the go, too.


This Clever Spatula That Doubles As A Pair Of Tongs

This genius spatula with built-in tongs lets you grip and flip foods like a pro. It’s made from thick, heat-resistant nylon and features a nonstick coating, so foods never get stuck and your cookware never gets scratched. One happy shopper also noted that “you can flip burgers or anything without splashing grease.”


This Pasta Maker That’s Surprisingly Easy To Use

If you love the taste of fresh pasta, you’ll love making your own right at home with this heavy-duty pasta maker. It clamps securely to almost any table or countertop and features an easy-to-use hand crank. The adjustable cutters allow you to make all kinds of popular pasta shapes, including spaghetti, linguini, and even sheets for lasagna.


A Cooking Splatter Screen That Keeps Spitting Oil Contained

Stop grease from making a mess or worse — causing burns — with this splatter screen. Made from stainless steel, the the fine mesh shield keeps oil from splashing out, while still allowing steam to escape, so it won’t interfere with your cooking results. Reviewers especially love that it’s dishwasher safe, making for easy cleanup.


The Cutting Board Set That Comes With A Unique Holder

Limited on kitchen storage? No problem. This set of two cutting boards comes with a holder that mounts right to cabinet doors or walls, saving space and providing convenient access. The installation requires no tools — just peel and stick it on with the included 3M adhesive and it’s ready to use.


These Oil Dispensers With Measurements In Ounces, Tablespoons & Teaspoons

This oil dispenser duo made from durable glass is a kitchen essential. One bottle features a traditional pour spout and has convenient markings down the side for quick pouring of larger measurements. The other one features teaspoon and tablespoon measurements only at the top — hit the button on the side to fill the reservoir to the correct level, pour, then hit the button on the spout to drain any excess oil back into the bottle.


This Ultimate Toothbrush Holder That Mounts To The Wall

When you think of a toothbrush holder, you probably never thought it could get this good. In fact, this is the ultimate toothbrush holder because it has hanging space for six toothbrushes, a storage drawer and shelf, and two rinse cups. There’s even a built-in toothpaste dispenser. It’s backed with strong adhesive and can be placed on mirrors, tile, and other unpainted surfaces.

  • Available Sizes: 3
  • Available colors: 3


This Grippy Can Holder That Lets You Have A Beverage In The Shower

You’re not the only one who craves a drink while getting in a good soak. After all, this clever beverage can holder was designed to be waterproof so it can be used in the shower, in the pool, or really anywhere for that matter, since the gripping technology works with almost any surface. Plus, the silicone material is waterproof and easy to clean.

  • Available Sizes: 2
  • Available colors: 8


These Amber Dispensers That Upgrade The Look Of Your Shower

Random shampoo, conditioner, and body wash bottles can quickly clutter your shower and make it look messy. But these refillable shampoo bottles that include mounts are designed to help you achieve an organized and elegant look. The adhesive wall mounts have a chic gold finish, while the bottles have an upscale amber hue.

  • Available Sizes: 3
  • Available colors: 3


A Multipurpose Jar Opener Set For Hard-To-Budge Lids

This two-piece opener set makes it super easy to tackle tough jar lids and bottle tops. The jar opener features tough rubber grips that handle jars of different sizes (think: apple sauce, olives), while the bottle opener is designed to twist, pop, and pull. It’s a great tool set that you’ll reach for again and again.


This Reversible Carrier For Small Pets

Your little furry pals will love being toted around in this reversible and washable pet carrier. Just pop them into the soft but sturdy sling and clasp their collar to the included strap to keep them warm and safe. Featuring a padded strap for extra comfort, it can be worn like a shoulder or crossbody bag.


The Window Hammock For Cats Who Want To Watch The World Go By

Give your cat the ultimate view with this pet window hammock. Handling up to 40 pounds, it attaches securely to glass with strong suction cups and stainless steel cables. The strong outdoor fabric withstands everyday use and can be removed to clean. Plus, the hammock comes with flannel pads to make it even softer and cozier for your pet.


A Solar-Powered Lantern That Collapses For Storage & Portability

The next time a power outage hits, you’ll be glad to have this small but mighty lantern on hand. Aside from being lightweight and collapsing down to less than 2 inches in height, it it’s solar powered — which means you won’t have to worry about recharging the batteries (but you can do that, also, with a USB cord). Take this along as a companion on camping trips, too.


This Memory Foam Roll Pillow That Offers Tons Of Support

Tuck this pillow under your neck, knees, back, or anywhere else you need a little extra support and comfort. It’s made from high-density memory foam that’s not too firm and not too soft. Plus, the soft, cooling bamboo-blend cover is removable and machine washable.


A Cool Mist Humidifier That’s Small Enough To Use Anywhere

Humidifiers are great for relieving everything from dry skin to allergies to congestion, and now you can take that relief with you anywhere you go with this portable humidifier. Boasting an ultra-compact footprint, it charges via USB and provides up to eight hours of cool mist. Plus, it’s totally silent and even has an optional night-light.

  • Available Sizes: 3
  • Available colors: 2


The Magnetic Pickup Tool & Flashlight For Grabbing Small Items

Whether you’ve dropped a screw behind the dryer or your car keys between the seat and center console, this magnetic pickup tool can save the day. The extendable telescoping neck is designed to access hard-to-reach spaces, while the bright LED flashlight tip offers illumination. Once you’ve located your lost item, the magnet will grab it right up.


This Car Cupholder Adapter That Can Handle Oversize Water Bottles

If you’re tired of your big water bottle or coffee mug not fitting in your car’s cupholder, this cupholder adapter is what you’re looking for. It has an adjustable base that sits snugly inside most car cupholders, while the adapter accommodates bottles from 2.8 to 3.8 inches in diameter. You can even use two of these side by side, so your passenger has a place to stash their drink, too.


These Air Vent Covers That Save You Money On Your Energy Bill

Even new heating and air-conditioning vents don’t completely block airflow when closed, causing air to leak into rooms where it’s not wanted or needed (i.e., wasting money). But these magnetic vent covers are designed to provide a tight seal, directing airflow only to the rooms where you want it. Superior magnets, rounded corners, and cutouts for grill fins are just a few features that set them apart from other versions.

  • Available Sizes: 14
  • Available colors: 2


A Set Of Risers To Give Beds & Couches A Lift

Raise your couch, bed, or any other furniture that needs a little added height with these heavy-duty furniture risers. These extra-sturdy risers create a stable base with their anti-slip bottoms and raised edges that ensure furniture legs stay put. Whether you use them to add storage under your bed, or for an elevated sofa that’s easier to get up from, these risers are up to the task.

  • Available Sizes: 2
  • Available colors: 3


These Lawn Aerators For Your Shoes

Enjoy a lush lawn but don’t want to fork out the big bucks for expensive yard services? No problem. These lawn aerators secure to almost any flat shoe, allowing you to loosen up soil compaction and promote new growth for a healthy lawn. It’s an inexpensive (and fun) way to maintain your lawn without having to call in a professional.


This Rearview Mirror That Helps Reduce Blind Spots

This high-definition rearview mirror helps reduce blind spots and even gives you a peek at what the kids are up to in the back seat. The panoramic mirror can be mounted to almost any existing rearview mirror within minutes. For a touch of bling, check out the fun rhinestone-bordered options.


A Car Trunk Organizer To Wrangle Groceries, Outdoor Gear & More

If clutter is taking over your car, it might be time to get organized with this car trunk caddy. It features adjustable compartments lined in a waterproof material for keeping messes not only organized but contained as well. Strong straps keep it in place so you don’t have to worry about it knocking around your trunk while you drive.


These Adorable Watering Stakes That Help Keep Houseplants Alive

Whoever invented self-watering stakes for plants is a genius, since they relieve you of watering duties for days at a time. These mushroom-shaped watering stakes are made from terra cotta, which slowly releases hydration to your plants at just the right pace for up to five days. Just fill them up and stick them in the soil.


An Inflatable Travel Pillow That Offers Next-Level Support

This inflatable travel pillow provides comfortable and supportive positioning, whenever you need it. It features a large opening for your arms and a cradle on top for your head and neck that won’t interfere with airflow. Just blow it up when ready to use and deflate and pack it away in the included travel bag when you’re done.


This Travel Cupholder That Attaches To Your Suitcase Handle

Turn your luggage handles into a place to stow your beverages with this travel cupholder. It straps securely to almost any-size suitcase handle and features stretchy openings for up to two cups. Pus, there’s a sleeve for your smartphone, too.


The Reverse-Folding Umbrella That Keeps Drips At Bay

This innovative umbrella has a reverse folding frame, so it closes upward — that means you can avoid getting wet during those five seconds of fumbling to close your umbrella as you get into your car. It also stands up on its own, and has a C-shaped handle that fits comfortably on your wrist, which conveniently frees up your hand for other tasks.


A Light-Up Dog Collar For Better Nighttime Visibility

Keep an eye on Fido wherever he roams with this light-up dog collar. The bright LED lights feature three modes (solid, fast blink, slow blink) to keep your dog safe and easy to spot. The high-quality nylon material is waterproof and designed to withstand everyday wear. To keep it charged and ready to go, just plug it into the included micro-USB cable.

  • Available Sizes: 4
  • Available colors: 11


This Collapsible Popcorn Popper That Works In 3 Minutes

A popcorn popper that doubles as a serving bowl? Yes, please. Simply place the kernels in the BPA-free bowl, cover with the included lid, and microwave. Eat right out of the bowl for fewer dishes, pop in the dishwasher to clean, and collapse to store.

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