Ever wanted to try out a Slumberkin for your kiddo? Now is the perfect chance — the company is in the middle of a practically unprecedented 40% off sale! From their helpful, kid-friendly affirmations to their take on sensory issues and codependency, Slumberkins is beloved for offering toys with emotional purpose. Take note, though: Their entire product line is selling out fast, and honestly, that’s just as exciting as the sale.

The depletion isn’t just a sign of a good deal and great product. It paints a bigger picture of just the kind of caring community Slumberkins has created for their customers or "Kin Friends." While many of us weren’t affected by the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank last week, one tender-hearted and brutally honest post from Slumberkins — a well-loved, woman-owned business that just so happened to use SVB — put things into perspective for their loyal customers.

"Slumberkins Family — Today, we are practicing the same skills we infuse in our books and content as our world turned upside down behind the scenes here at Slumberkins," the statement began. "In a moment of true vulnerability, we wanted to share that the majority of our company’s cash was held at Silicon Valley Bank, which collapsed today. The cash held there was our capital that enabled us to operate the business, continue to launch new collections and content, and develop the tools and resources that are being loved by so many children, families, and schools."

At the time, it was unclear if they would ever see that cash again. Slumberkins made a bold move in an effort to bring in some cash so they could pay their employees and, hopefully, make enough to continue putting out new products: a massive 40% off sale. And it’s clear by the response that Slumberkins’ customers care just as much about the business as Slumberkins cares about each child’s emotional well-being and mental health. Their fans and family answered immediately.

Within hours, Slumberkins’ team had to go through their inventory and regroup everything into one section where fans could more easily find products that were still available.

Slumberkins Bigfoot Stuffie

Slumberkins Snail Mini

By the end of the weekend, most of Slumberkins’ listings were labeled as "sold out" or "coming soon." The Slumberkins family heard the company’s concerns and answered like any family would — with overwhelming support. By Sunday, they released a heartfelt video thanking their customers for their support.

Since Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse just a few days ago, the government has agreed to cover all of the money SVB lost. In a truly generous move, however, Slumberkins is still running their 40% off sale, making it the perfect time to dive in and see what all the fuss is about. Already a fan and looking for yet another way to expand your Slumberkins collection, despite the current low stock numbers? They have PJs at Nordstrom!

It’s easy sometimes to see all businesses as “in a better place” than your family. It’s important, though, to remember there are real people behind businesses, especially the small ones. While Slumberkins wasn’t the only business affected by the SVB collapse, they were the ones willing to share their worries with loved ones… just like their books tell our kids to do.

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