Months of practicing hypnobabies’ meditations, prenatal yoga, daily walking and breathwork helped Kavisa navigate 2 days of early labor plus 3.5 hours of intense active labor without pain medication. Kavisa created a sacred space at the birthing center by calling in her maternal great grandma, maternal & paternal grandmas, hanging up prayer flags created by her friends and family and playing gospel music. Although she planned on having a water birth, Kavisa got out of the birthing tub to use the toilet resulting in her son being born next to it after just a few pushes. Her midwife thought she had hours of labor left when Kavisa announced to her husband while squatting “I feel his head”. Her little moon baby was born on the first full moon of 2022 thus completing their family of 6. 

Kavisa shared her first birth story and adoption stories on episode 297.

kavisa wood birth story
photography by @littlewondersphotography

Kavisa Wood Bio

Kavisa is a lactation counselor and prenatal yoga teacher. She and her husband Dr. Schuyler Wood live in California with their two daughters and two sons. They intentionally grew their family through a combination of foster care adoption and biological children. The story of their daughters’ adoption and first son’s birth were shared in episode 297. Kavisa currently teaches an online prenatal yoga class and shares her passion for breastfeeding and yoga at @nourishingjustly.



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