What are you supposed to do after the love of your life dies? Well, you can always go back and date the guy who couldn’t quite commit to in the ‘90s. That seems to be exactly the trajectory we’re on for Season 2 of And Just Like That, if Sarah Jessica Parker’s latest Instagram post is to be believed — and it looks extremely legit.

On Thursday night, the Sex And The City icon posted a carousel of pictures from the ongoing And Just Like That shoot, taken by photographer Craig Blankenhorn, and things are definitely steamy between old flames Carrie and Aidan (played by John Corbett).

In the first photo, they’re kissing on a busy New York City street at night. And in the last, they’re embracing, with Carrie looking extremely wistful.

C’mon, spoiler alert much, SJP??

She captioned the photos: “This. Is. Not. A Drill. X, SJ”

Viewers have been getting more and more hints that things are going to get serious between Carrie and Aidan in the second season of the reboot, and this is really cementing a lot of fan theories.

Parker gushed to Extra earlier this week: “It’s so nice. It’s so happy… He brings a lot of joy. He’s a kind of preternaturally happy person and he’s so excited to be back and it’s an amazing storyline that Michael and the writers have sorted out and I think will be really meaningful to the audience who feel a lot of affection for him.”

“I can’t say anything except, it’s just really great to be in his company again and to have a storyline that is also happy and fun and familiar, but new because it’s been 10, 15 some years,” she continued.

James Devaney/GC Images/Getty Images

It’s been hard to keep too hush-hush about the rekindled, nostalgic on-screen romance between the two beloved characters since anything filmed on NYC streets is basically public information. Plus, John Corbett admitted he had joined the cast back in August.

And just last month, the public saw their first pictures of the second-chance couple holding hands.

Aidan first appeared in Season 3 of Sex And The City back in 1998, but became old news in Season 4, after Carrie just couldn’t commit to him while Mr. Big still existed in the universe. Now that Big is riding the Peloton in the sky? Who knows what could happen.

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