There’s something special about watching a fictional romedy because it creates a magic that, let’s face it, simply doesn’t exist in real American life. Emily In Paris became a streaming favorite for its ability to share the wanderlust of living abroad, the euphoria of a career in fashion, and the search for love in the world’s capital of romance. However, Bravo has presented the public with something even rarer than a character who’s got it all — they debuted the real thing. So, meet your new mom binge… the show you’re going to want to devour tout suite when new episodes drop, but will begrudgingly wait until everyone else in the house is asleep. Say hello to The Real Girlfriends of Paris.

The new Bravo series follows “six bold twentysomething American women” who find solace in each other, have a few “romantic rendezvous,” and “embrace all the spontaneity that comes with living in an exciting new city.” Think Twenty-Somethings, Austin meets Sex in the City Carrie in Paris. It’s like The Real World and (you guessed it) Emily in Paris had a love child. Yes — unicorns do exist!

While the ambiance of Paris certainly gives this show appeal already, it’s the cast that really brings the experience to life. With that said, you should get familiar with the lineup of women who not only revel in one too many cheeses but can speak French fluently, too.

Anya Firestone

Anya coins herself the “mother hen” of the group, often playing the glue that keeps them all together. In her 30s, she’s been strutting down the streets of Paris in her designer heels for the better half of a decade, making a living giving private tour guides. Don’t let that job title fool you, though: She has a Masters in French Cultural Studies and is fully licensed by the French Government, raking in a whopping $500 a pop for them.

Anya lives with her chic French boyfriend in a flat in the city, where she is the hostess with the mostest, often bringing the girls together for gourmet-level dinner parties. The definition of fabulous, this expat is never underdressed — and neither is her mini pup, “Zsa Zsa.”

Emily Gorelik

Born and raised in New York City, Emily is the silver-spooned 22-year-old you envy and adore at the same time. She studied at NYU before migrating to Paris, where she has been for the last two years “polishing up her French.”

She has her eyes set on a career in interior design, with plans to eventually open a location for her mother’s company in France. With family connections expanding internationally, Emily lands the quintessential internship we see in every movie: a role with a major fashion designer.

She is finding herself, leveraging her connections, and showing off her new linguistic skills.

Kacey Margo

Let’s address the elephant in the room first — Kacey is riding the hot mess express. But if they all had it figured out, would the group’s chemistry be any good? We need a Kacey. She’s the girl you’ll find yourself relating to most, a SoCal native who took a semester abroad in Paris and was too hooked to go back.

Kacey has bounced around between New York, LA, and Paris as she had trouble maintaining an active Visa status as an English teacher and has just now returned to the City of Love in hopes of staying put.

She’s a Marvel nerd, a side hustle connoisseur, and just the right amount of quirky every rom-com needs.

Margaux Lignel

Chris Haston/Bravo

Not all of our gals are emigrants; Margaux is originally from France, with both her parents and her brother still residing in Paris. Though her roots are home territory, she was raised in New York City and identifies with American culture more than her own.

She’ll strike you at first as a bit — how shall we say? — entitled. At one point, she laments to her father that he only gives her a $2000 a month allowance instead of, like, $10,000. However, she does admit that not being financially independent gives her major anxiety. A step in the right direction!

Ultimately, with having successful parents come pressures to make your own mark, and this laid-back Conde Nast post-grad is discovering how to live on her own terms and gain newfound independence.

Adja Toure

Chris Haston/Bravo

There’s a Samantha in every girl group, and in this case, it’s Adja. She is fierce and bold and almost too transparent when it comes to her fast-paced dating life. She’s got a rotating roster, and she’s not afraid to spill the tea.

Adja is just as bright as she is beautiful, with an Ivy League degree from Cornell and a successful career in Paris that is beginning to wear her down. As she contemplates a pivot in her profession, she also explores her desires for partnership and if she’s ready to let go of casual dating.

Victoria Zito

Chris Haston/Bravo

I know what you’re thinking — where’s the edge? We saved the series cool girl, Victoria, for last. She may look like Blair Waldorf, but she started at the bottom of the fashion world and hustled hard to get where she is, a la Jenny Humphrey.

She is the effortlessly trendy girl who worked her way up and out of a small town in Texas, receiving a scholarship to the coveted Parsons School in Paris in 2017, and has been there ever since. She is now living out her dream career as the head designer for the brand Chloe Collete.

She is recently divorced and exploring her sexuality for the first time, as she identifies herself as bisexual and is open to all the possibilities and experiences the city of Paris has to offer.

You can catch The Real Girlfriends of Paris on Bravo and other participating platforms on Mondays at 9 pm EST.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to stop at the first episode, there are four already released — you can thank me later.

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