Progyny is proud to support National Infertility Awareness Week

The path to parenthood isn’t always easy – one in six people globally are affected by infertility and many in the LGTBQ+ community and single parents by choice do not have the resources to build their families. At Progyny, we envision a world where everyone can pursue their dream of parenthood and every National Infertility Awareness Week® (NIAW), we work to raise awareness for infertility and the critical need to provide coverage for this disease and those in need of family building care.    

This year, we want to call on everyone – leading employers, partners, providers, and the community – to join us, not only in our NIAW efforts, but as infertility warriors all year long. By working together to spread awareness about this disease and topic, we hope to support the millions of people in need of treatment and empower people to share their stories.    

To help everyone get started, below we have curated a list of resources on how to be an advocate if you’re an employer, consultant, provider, or someone currently on their family building journey.  

  • For leading employers – If you are looking for resources on how to better support employees during their family building journeys, visit our dedicated NIAW page to see how to get involved in this momentous week, watch resources from our YouTube page, listen to episodes featuring conversations with leading specialists and first-person stories on This Is Infertility Podcast, or learn about fertility 101 from our education page.  
  • For consultants and those employers considering fertility and family building benefits – We know exploring a new benefit always comes with questions, and this is especially true when delving into a topic as nuanced and complex as fertility and family building. As you begin your research, we invite you to check out our collection of resources to better understand the impact this benefit will have on your employees and the company’s bottom line.  
  • For providers – To our in-network fertility specialists, we thank you for all that you have already done for our members and encourage you to continue to advocate for comprehensive coverage by sharing some of the resources above with your patients and teams. For those clinics and providers who are looking to become a part of the Progyny network, feel free to reach out to to learn more.  
  • For those on their family building journey – Progyny is here to help. If you are a Progyny member, your dedicated Patient Care Advocate is available to answer any questions you might have along your journey. If you are not a Progyny member, we have the resources you need to make the case for fertility and family building benefits at your company. Either way, know that you are not alone in this. Feel free to visit our Instagram for stories from patients, explore resources, and be a part of the community. If you’re interested in sharing your story on This is Infertility podcast, reach out to  

Lastly, Progyny is proud to launch NIAW by ringing the Closing Bell at NASDAQ and lighting the Empire State Building orange, the official color of infertility awareness, on Tuesday, April 25th.  

We thank our leading employers, providers, and members for joining us as we commemorate this special week.   

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