The Menopausal Switch


Leading Female Weight Loss Expert Reveals How To Beat Menopause Weight Gain



Thousands of Lives Transformed. All Without Counting Calories OR Exercise!

The Menopausal Switch is a digital guide aimed at middle-aged women, educating them about menopause and how to pass this phase with ease. The person behind this program is named Deborah Murtagh, who is a medical doctor and a certified weight loss coach. According to her, this program helps reduce inflammation, sleeping difficulties, and mood-related disorders while maintaining a healthy weight.

Menopause is a natural phase and every woman has to go through it. Usually, weight fluctuations are normal during this period but without any prior information, it is hard to follow with these body changes. As a result, the body goes into stress, gains weight, and becomes obese, which makes a woman even more anxious. This time begins somewhere between 45 and 55 years of age and lasts for nearly one year. Menopausal symptoms are extremely uncomfortable such as hot flashes, anxiety, unexplained mood changes and weight gain.

Interestingly, it may not require medical treatment unless there is some real issue affecting the health. Many times, it’s just that the woman is not ready for menopause and she has no prior information about what is going to happen next. This leads to anxiety and makes this period even more difficult for her.

The Menopausal Switch by Deborah Murtagh is a 21-day guide that explains everything about this process. Deborah discusses natural strategies and ways to handle menopausal symptoms that lower the stress and obesity-linked with this stage. Is this information based on scientific evidence? Who is Deborah Murtagh and is she a credible person to write these guidelines? Find out everything in this Menopausal Switch review.


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