Pelvic Floor Strong

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Pelvic Floor Strong

This program is the set of keys you’ve been waiting for to live a happy, healthy life.

Pelvic Floor Strong strengthens your pelvic floor. puts intimacy back in your life, giving you self-confidence, while making sex feel good again.

This is the only program out there that heals leaking and diastasis recti with the consideration of layer syndrome.

All you need is the 3-movement sequence

I designed to efficiently heal your body without cutting into your valuable time.

It’s going to give you the secrets to belly-flattening, diastasis healing, and a strong pelvic floor.

Pelvic Floor Strong alleviates lower back and hip pain while correcting your posture with the quick pec stretch variations I have simply laid out for you.

It stops your anxiety and depression and lets you fall asleep faster and stay asleep throughout the night.

Pelvic Floor Strong is an informational video

with easy-to-understand concepts that will stop your leaking and diastasis recti.

It is evidence-based and trusted by Doctors, Midwives, and Personal Trainers.

In chapter 2, you will learn how to do a proper kegel that I promise you’ve never heard of before to strengthen your loose pelvic floor muscles.

In chapter 3, you will learn how to engage your abdominals and strengthen your core to heal your leaking and flatten your belly.

In chapter 4, you will learn how to shift your stance slightly to use 30% more of your muscles. When you use more of your muscles, it boosts your metabolism. You’ll be shocked at how such a simple trick will shed weight off of your body.

In chapter 6, you’ll learn the 3-step movement sequence that will strengthen your abdominal canister, including your pelvic floor and core, healing leaking, and stopping vaginal bulging and/or heaviness.

In chapter 7, you’ll discover 3 easy steps to add to your routine which will stop leaking immediately.

Bonus #1
($27 Value)

It is filled with all of the content from the video so that you can access the information at any time.

In it, you will find the written out steps on how to achieve a stronger pelvic floor, pec stretches for perfect posture, and a 3-step movement sequence.

Bonus #2
($17 Value)

This is a 10-minute Quick Start Video Routine full of my favorite ab exercises.

I found once my clients saw their incredible results from Pelvic Floor Strong, they wanted even more tummy toning exercises.

This routine is jam-packed with ‘diastasis safe’ exercises that have proven to alleviate back pain, heal diastasis recti and whittle your waist.

By following along you will gain a flat tummy even faster.


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