Candida Crusher





Are you suffering from any of these SYMPTOMS?

Causing disruption in YOUR LIFE?

  • Constant persistent itching (private area or around other skin areas, that you just cannot stop/control?)
  • Vagina Thrush or Oral Thrush
  • Discharge (cottage cheese-like, constant)
  • Smelly down there? (fish-like smell)
  • Painful intercourse (could be burning pain during/after sex, fear of having sex because of the pain thus no sex)
  • Constant discomfort (from everything or due to pain)
  • Odor (including bad breath, body odor even if you take shower and look after your hygiene?)
  • Frequent urination
  • Bloating (feeling always bloated no matter what you eat?)
  • Gas (that’s driving you crazy, but you are not able to do anything about it?)
  • Skin rashes
  • Irritability/irritation in private part and skin
  • Nail fungus
  • Burning/Soreness sensation (around private part)
  • Fatigue (always feeling tired and no energy?)
  • Joint pain (other back pain problems as well)
  • Lethargy
  • Cravings
  • Abdominal pain
  • Athlete’s foot
  • Digestive problems
  • Constipation (from moderate to severe lasting 4-8 days)
  • Brain Fog/Memory loss (foggy thinking, forgetting stuff)
  • Difficulty to concentrate
  • Dizziness/drowsiness
  • Feeling bad/sick/uncomfortable/miserable all over (out of control feeling)
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Mood swings
  • Always mucus in stool
  • Headaches
  • Swelling
  • Dry mouth
  • Weight gain and weight loss

If YOU are suffering from any of these symptom(s) then you have candida yeast infections.


My name is Eric Bakker and I am a naturopathic doctor, I have specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of yeast infections for over twenty years. I’ve seen every type of Candida infection that exists, and the list of symptoms you just read are some of the major signs and symptoms of candida yeast infection and they are also some of the constant symptoms I hear from every patient with a candida yeast infection when they come to see me at my clinic. And these symptoms can lead to various issues in life, below you will find complaints I hear from candida patients I see on daily basis any of these ring a bell?

it is destroying my home, my family, and my pets

Uncomfortable, disturbing, feeling dirty, uneasy… in severe days, feel like dying. But is only when you have this very frust n disturbing I will just say dying is better but I won’t take my life. Just a saying. Doc I’m here to get rid of this problem.

It hurts soo bad. I want to cry.

No one understands or believes I’m sick

The overall ill feeling and when doctors can’t find something wrong with me and think it’s in my head is driving me totally crazy.

I can’t find anything that will make my symptoms go away. I’ve tried diet changes, supplements, biofeedback, acupuncture, and anything else I hear about.

Can not wear certain things, burning when urination, itchy, swelling, and the discharge including smell bf is tired of me.

Cannot sleep, bloated tummy, weight gain, itchy body, skin rash on face, always constipated and tired, always feeling sick, and have no confidence in anything or at any time. having white coating on the tongue with black pigment on the sides. smelly disc

I can’t have sex and it makes me feel awful mentally and physically,

I cannot have a healthy sexual relationship with my boyfriend. I am always self-conscious.

I constantly have a nasty smell under me. Sometimes when it’s hot I start to feel a mucky substance down there.

wear my hair over my ears so people can’t see my flakey, red, blotchy outer ears… only my son cuts my hair… always itchy… have edema in my legs that never goes down now… bloated stomach… can’t lose weight I am here to seek your help.

Severe fatigue, weak muscles, lack of coordination, dizziness, diahhear, GI distress, anorexia. lowe grade temperature elevations on a frequent basis and basically just feeling weak and tired all over, help pls.

Aggravated by, Interferes with and causes discomfort during sexual activity Digestive problems Chronic presence, nothing helped me

Being so uncomfortable and the fact that there is no physical home test and no permanent cure for this infection

I have heard tens and thousands of these complains and how candida can totally RUIN ONE’s LIFE and brings HAVOC.

I have been asked by many people, how did it all start, why did you spend so much time writing such a comprehensive book on the treatment of candida yeast infections? It all started with my own personal experience of developing a severe yeast infection in 1985 and taking approximately one and a half years to get my health back. I was in constant pain due to persistent itch, brain fog, bloating, gas, fatigue, and feeling unwell all the time. My GF left me, I lost my job and I was told by the doctor to see a psychologist because I was losing myself.

I could remember days when I just couldn’t sit next to my girlfriend due to constant bloating, gas, and itch around my skin. It was driving me nuts. Every time I would sit next to someone the gas/bloating would start and I had to just get somewhere quiet to let the gas go. There was no relief just constant pain. Symptoms vary from person to person but for most of us (men) itching in the private part/skin, bloating, gas, feeling unwell, and tired all the time is a major sign of candida yeast infection. And it’s not just me or you who was/is going through all this read these complaints from my candida patients:

You will discover crucial information:

  • The Most Effective Vaginal Yeast Infection Treatment Yet Developed, A 2-Stage Treatment Plan
  • The Most Effective Jock Itch Treatment Plan
  • My Two Secret Weapons To Fight Candida, After Treating Many Candida Patients Over The Past Twenty Years or More These Two Are My Secret Weapons! (Page 567)
  • 8 Different Home Tests For Yeast Infections Totally Unique Information. Low Cost Or FREE! (Page 120)
  • The Candida Test Tracker Entirely Unique Information (Page 129)
  • Candida Symptom Tracker Entirely Unique Information (Page 135)
  • 3-Stage FAST Relief Plan For Vaginal Yeast Infections (Page 142)
  • 10 Quick Tips For Female Yeast Infections (Page 151)
  • 10 Quick Tips For Nail Yeast Infections (Page 167)
  • 10 Quick Tips For Mouth And Throat Yeast Infections (Page 174)
  • 10 Quick Tips For Diaper Yeast Infections (Page 181)
  • 100+ Pages on Lifestyle Changes, Medications, And Herbal Supplements You Can Use To Treat Your Condition
  • More Than 25 Comprehensive Case Studies

And Much More…


The book is exactly 718 pages.


Candida Crusher costs $47.

Candida Crusher costs what it does because it took just over three years to research and write, and is based on treating over 15,000 yeast-infected patients spanning twenty-five years. Candida Crusher is quite possibly the most comprehensive self-help manual on yeast infections written to date. Unlike some books of its kind, it is not half-filled with recipes but is packed with countless hints and tips not found anywhere else on yeast infection recovery.


Candida Crusher comes in PDF format. Which can be read with Adobe Acrobat.


About 5 to 10 minutes. Once the payment is verified you will be redirected to our download page.


Of course, you can! I have a sixty-day (60) refund policy, if you don’t like my book and can’t honestly see how it could change your life for the better, then please let us know within two months and we will refund your money in full. But do remember, if you are serious about finally beating your yeast infection and follow my program faithfully, it is highly likely that you will beat your yeast infection permanently. And isn’t that worth the small price you paid for a book that took me three years of writing and research, after treating over fifteen thousand patients spanning twenty-five years? Of course, you can get a refund, but I doubt you will want your money back after seeing the real value you will get from Candida Crusher when you compare it to any other e-book on yeast infection you may have seen or have bought before.


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