pregnancy vaginal discharge


What to know about pregnancy vaginal discharge?

Vaginal discharge is a very normal thing to occur during pregnancy. Here are some things you need to know about vaginal discharge in pregnancy and what’s safe and what’s not. 

Colors Of Discharge

There are many colors of discharge that are completely normal. Here are the colors of normal Pregnancy vaginal discharge. 

  • White or creamy colored discharge 

  • Light yellow discharge 

  • Gray discharge 

These discharge colors are normal to occur during pregnancy. These should also be odorless and they should be watery and not sticky. Here are some colors which are not normal. 

  • Pink discharge

  • Red discharge with fresh blood 

  • Brown discharge 

These discharge colors are alarming and they also have a foul or stale smell. They usually indicate a type of infection in your urinary tract or vagina. You need to go to a doctor otherwise things can turn for the worse. You don’t want to take any risks when you are pregnant. 

What If You Start To Bleed?

The Pregnancy vaginal discharge needs to be very light and it shouldn’t be heavy. If it is heavy, if it smells or it starts to turn into fresh blood, then this is a very alarming thing and you need to see a doctor. You never know if this blood is you miscarrying the child, or something else. So, it’s best to inform your doctor of what is going on. Perhaps it can be fixed with some sort of antibiotics if there is an infection there. You need to be on your toes at all times. 

Vaginal Health During Pregnancy

Vaginal health is very important especially if you are pregnant. It’s very important that you keep your vagina breathing and you shouldn’t wear anything too tight which will not allow any air to come in. Also, you shouldn’t wear tampons or pads during pregnancy, it will not be good for your vaginal health.

Using fresh wipes and gentle cleaning solutions to clean your intimate areas will also keep your vagina healthy. Eating good foods will also keep discharge to a minimum. Fresh fruits and vegetables and leafy greens will also not produce smelly discharge. 

When To Be Alarmed?

A little bit of pinkish tinge in your discharge is normal. But if you are experiencing that the color is getting darker and the blood is getting bright red in color, then it needs to be checked out immediately. Also, if you are passing clots, then it is not a good sign at all. If you start to feel cramping along with these signs, then you need to go and see a doctor immediately. These are very much the signs of a miscarriage. If you are experiencing fevers then it is an infection and you need medication for that. 

There you have it! If you look out for these signs and they go in the direction of anything but normal, you need to go and see a doctor to make sure everything is okay.





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