Pregnancy and high blood pressure

When the blood pressure is more than the normal range it is referred to as hypertension. When the blood pressure increases after the 20th week of the pregnancy, it is diagnosed as gestational hypertension. If hypertension exists before the pregnancy or before the 20th week of the pregnancy it is categorized under chronic hypertension. Gestational hypertension can go away after the delivery of the baby or may continue to persist even after the pregnancy.  High blood pressure during the pregnancy can be managed successfully but it can bring serious health complications within the mother and affect the health of the fetus. 

What are the courses behind high blood pressure during pregnancy?

Pregnant mothers who are obese and who have a sedentary lifestyle have a higher risk of developing high blood pressure. 

Inappropriate lifestyle practices such as smoking and alcohol usage.

This can be genetic. If the hypertension is written in their family history, be cautious when you are pregnant. 

Mothers who are under ant diabetic medications and who already get treatments for certain autoimmune conditions. 

If the pregnant mother is over 35years they are at risk of getting hypertension. 

Is high blood pressure make problems during pregnancy?

High blood pressure during pregnancy can be a risk for the both mother and the fetus. So it is a must to manage the condition to avoid possible complications. 

In fact, High blood pressure can reduce the blood flow to the fetus. Blood is the transport medium for the transportation of nutrients and oxygen to the fetus. Lower oxygen and nutritional level for the fetus can affect the growth of the fetus. There is a higher risk for giving birth to lower birth weight babies and premature babies. 

The placenta is embedded within the uterus wall, but high blood pressure can separate the placenta from the uterus wall. This condition is named placental abruption. This can end up bleeding and can become even fetal. 

High blood pressure during pregnancy can limit the growth of the baby. Inter uterine growth restrictions may prevent the growth of the fetus. 

It is very common to have a delivery before the estimated date of delivery. Your doctor may decide to take the baby to prevent the complications and to protect you and the baby. 

High blood pressure can make your other vital organs damage and disturb the normal functions of your organs. There is a greater chance of the development of cardiovascular diseases in the future. 

Can you have a healthy pregnancy with high blood pressure?

Hypertension is a common condition during pregnancy. You can have a healthy pregnancy if you can manage your blood pressure with the help of medical management. Weight controlling before pregnancy and regular exercises can help you to prevent such conditions. 

How to lower the blood pressure during pregnancy?

There are few things you can follow to manage your blood pressure. It is very important to take centrally acting antihypertensive with the guidance of your health care team. Regular exercises and activities can help you to have a healthy pregnancy. 

Controlling salt intake and having a balanced diet can help in managing your health status. Other than that it is very important to avoid smoking and alcoholic drinks during the gestational period. 

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