After a 58 hour induction turned emergency cesarean, Shannon began her postpartum journey with her son, Ethan. They had many struggles with breastfeeding which resulted in 3 months of triple feeding, tie revisions, and eventually led to exclusively pumping. She was able to donate milk to other moms, however, which made all of the hard work extra worth it. 

At around 3 months postpartum, Shannon’s husband went through a major mental health crisis. Trying to support him and care for their baby was really challenging, but after the right medication and a great therapist, things are finally looking up! 

Shannon has found a lot of joy in cooking with and for her son and exploring baby led feeding together. Her postpartum experience has been a mixed bag with the lowest of lows as well as highest of highs. 

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Shannon Coyne Bio

Shannon is a musician and teacher living in Mount Vernon, Washington. She loves to get outside and hike with her son, Ethan, and black lab, Ruby. She also enjoys cooking, baking, and playing cello with her husband. You can connect with her on Instagram @shannonn37 or on Facebook at Shannon Coyne. 


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