Here is our answer to the Pampers Swaddlers versus Cruisers debate – from a mom who has changed a few diapers in my day.

Pampers Swaddlers versus Cruisers

At first glance, Pampers Swaddlers and Cruisers seem very similar. They both have trusted leak prevention, are hypoallergenic with 0% parabens or latex, both have a color-changing wetness indicator, and both are made of super-soft materials that are gentle on your baby’s skin.

Where they differ is in the features they both have meant to benefit babies based on their age, like umbilical cord notches and stretchy sides for movement.

Pampers Swaddlers versus Cruisers

These Pampers Swaddlers versus Cruisers highlights will give you a good idea of what the right choice for your baby is.

Swaddlers Cruisers
Best for newborns and babies with sensitive skin Best for babies on the move, crawling and walking
Available in size 0-7 Available in size 3-7
Trusted protection, Pampers is the #1 U.S. Pediatrician Recommended Brand Pampers Cruisers has a long-lasting fit and trusted protection for the most active babies
LockAway Channels absorb wetness and lock it away 2x stretchier sides for a fit that stays put vs. the leading moving baby sub-brand
Breathefree Liner helps soothe and protect baby’s skin New and improved dual leak guard barriers prevent leaks where they happen most *Sizes 3 & 4
Soft flexi-sides for a comfortable fit Available in a variety of wild and playful prints
Gentle on baby’s delicate skin, Pampers Swaddlers Disposable Diapers is hypoallergenic and free of parabens and latex Pampers all night protection helps stop leaks for up to 12 hours
$.23-$.43 per diapers $.27-$.57 per diapers


Bottom line, Swaddlers are best for newborns and babies with sensitive skin. They offer blanket softness that makes me feel good about putting them on my baby and are #1 Pediatrician Recommended. Plus, they are marketed as the number one choice for hospitals and parents, this speaks volumes about their quality.

pampers swaddlers

The reason we highly recommend Pampers Swaddlers versus Cruisers for newborns is that they have an umbilical notch at the front of the diaper. This ensures the sensitive area around your newborn’s belly button and cord stump are left exposed to the air and not irritated by the diaper’s edges.

Pampers Swaddlers versus Cruisers

As for absorption, Swaddlers have a quilted heart BreatheFree Liner and air channels that wick away wetness and allow your baby’s skin to breathe. Swaddlers offer up to 12 hours of dryness protection and have a helpful wetness indicator that lets you know exactly when your baby needs changing.

Pampers Swaddlers are well known for preventing leaks, which is something we all want in every diaper. They have a Dual Leak-Guard Barrier on the leg cuffs. Just remember, the leg cuffs need to be pulled out, not tucked in!

swaddlers wetness indicator

They are available in all sizes from newborn to size 7 (this means from their newborn weight up to 41 pounds)!


The name says it all, Pampers Cruisers are best for when babies are moving. They stand out for their flexibility. Once you are a parent of a crawling and walking little one, you will understand how important this is!

pampers swaddlers vs cruisers

Cruisers protect from leaks with their dual leak-guard barriers and stretchy stay-put waistband and sides. They adapt to your baby’s waist, legs, and bottom which makes it more comfortable for your little one and gives them the freedom to get their move on.

pampers cruisers

Pampers Cruisers have Lock-away channels to absorb wetness and lock it away from the skin. Your little one should stay dry for up to 12 hours with this variety, so they are a good option to use overnight.

Pampers Swaddlers versus Cruisers

Keep in mind, Pampers Cruisers are only available in size 3 through size 7. 

Both Swaddlers and Cruisers are best sellers and loved by millions with 4.8-star reviews on Amazon. They are available to buy pretty much anywhere and are one of the most popular choices for a reason, they are soft and effective at keeping your baby dry. 

However, if you are going to stock up on one, Swaddlers are the winner in my book. Read about how they also beat out the Pampers Baby Dry here!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the number 1 rated diaper?

Pampers Swaddlers are the highest rated diaper on Amazon. Huggies Little Snugglers come in at the #2 spot.

Which Pampers is best for newborn?

Bottom line, Swaddlers are best for newborns and babies with sensitive skin. They offer blanket softness that makes me feel good about putting them on my baby and are #1 Pediatrician Recommended.

What diapers do most hospitals use?

In my experience, hospitals most often use Pampers diapers for newborns. Huggies are also popular.

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pampers swaddlers vs cruisers

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