Jessey discusses the unexpected pregnancy and exciting birth of her 4th daughter after accepting and processing the trauma of her previous labor and delivery. After experiencing 3 rough pregnancies and a shoulder dystocia with her 3rd birth, the news of another pregnancy (during Covid, no less) was a bit of a shock. Thanks to a lot of diligent mind work and the support of friends and family, Jessey was able to work through her fears and anxieties to safely bring another bundle of joy into the world! In sharing her story, Jessey hopes to help cultivate a safe space for women to share their less than rosy feelings in an empowering, honest, and proactive way. Listen to Jessey’s First episode via our archives.

Jessey Christian Bio

Jessey and her husband, Jacob, are the parents of 4 daughters, 3 cats, and 1 hedgehog in Indiana. She works full time in research administration, part time at a book store, part time as Master of Public Health student, and is a former doula (who would love to jump back in once life calms down a bit!)



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