Have you been buying an extra box of Thin Mints each Girl Scout cookie season, grinding them into a fine dust, and then using that dust to season all of your sweet treats? Well, I’m here to tell you that your extra labor is now over.

B&G Foods, Inc. has just released the first official Girl Scout Thin Mint seasoning blend, and it looks completely delicious. According to the company, the seasoning involves dark cocoa, mint flavor, and fine cookie crumbles that all work together to re-create the top-selling Girl Scout offering.

The magic cookie dust is now available nationwide at select stores like Sam’s Club and will be even more widely available by the end of spring.

“The demand for our fun flavored seasoning blends continues to grow, proving that consumers crave the flavors of their favorite cookies and sweets, and are eager to explore them in new forms,” Julie Gould, Senior Director Brand Marketing, Spices & Flavor Solutions, B&G Foods, said in a statement. “We’re excited to license the Girl Scout Cookie flavors and launch a seasoning blend in a delicious and versatile cocoa and mint flavor, inspired by their #1 Girl Scout Cookie, Thin Mints. From milkshakes to cinnamon buns, party dips and beyond, we can’t wait to see what fun recipes and uses consumers will create.”

B&G Foods

B&G foods has provided a number of Thin Mint seasoning recipes to start people off, including pancakes, chai tea, milkshakes, dessert dips, and overnight oats. In addition, the company recommends using the seasoning in things like brownies, cupcakes, hot cocoa, and coffee.

“Thin Mints is one of our most beloved cookie varieties, and we’re excited to work with B&G Foods to bring its essence into seasoning form for the first time,” said Wendy Lou, Chief Revenue Officer, GSUSA, in the same statement. “This seasoning product also presents the unique opportunity to enjoy the flavor of Thin Mints cookies in all of your favorite recipes.”

Okay, what’s next? S’more sprinkles? Tagalong toppings? We are ready for all of it.

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