Liz gave birth to her second baby, Adelaide, at 41 weeks. Her labor was longer than she anticipated since her first baby came in only 8 hrs. Addie was malpositioned and willing to take her time to come out. Liz labored upright with the support of her husband Isaac and her doula Sarah. Her midwife and birth team utilized many resources to try to help Addie descend, including facetiming Liz’s pelvic floor physical therapist for tips. Pitocin was also utilized to help with how inconsistent Liz’s contraction pattern was. When Addie was ready, she finally came out quickly in three pushes weighing 8lbs 7oz. Liz was shocked at the speed of the pushing stage but so glad she was finally out. Liz had only a few minor tears but did have a postpartum hemorrhage that was managed with medications. Liz is so grateful to her amazing birth team – her midwife, doula, pelvic PT and husband. They supported her and provided her with the space to birth Addie in the way Addie needed! 

Liz Marnik Bio

Liz lives on the coast of Maine with her husband Isaac, her son Owen, and her daughter Adelaide. She is an Assistant Professor in Biochemistry and Microbiology at a university in Maine. In her spare time, she is an avid runner, hiker and runs a science communication Instagram account. You can find her there @sciencewhizliz 


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