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Misha Lujan shares the stories of her two birth experiences. The first being a hospital induction after one high blood pressure reading and the second taking place unmedicated at a local birth center. After work, dinner, and bedtime routines, Misha spends her evenings in the gym. She in lives with her husband, two kiddos, mom, and dog just north of Seattle. Connect with Misha on Instagram @Misha.lambda_fit


Kindred Bravely

Part II of this episode is brought to you by Kindred Bravely. From adorable maternity wear to comfortable nursing bras, this mom-owned company has you covered.  See all of their comfy clothing at kindredbravely.com! I especially love their Simply Sublime nursing tank, their high waisted leggings (for pregnancy AND postpartum). Listen to this episode for a special coupon code and to hear about my new favorites in their summer line of clothing and loungewear!

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