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Implantation Bleeding Vs Period Bleeding

Implantation bleeding and period bleeding: Most women can be confused about the difference between implantation bleeding and normal menstruation when they are expecting. Here is everything you need to know about implantation bleeding and period bleeding.


Implantation Bleeding


  • The Color

The first and the most important thing about implantation bleeding is the color of the blood coming out. The color of implantation bleeding is very light and it is not considered fresh blood. The color is lighter and it has a pinkish and brown tinge to it. It is very different from normal period bleeding. You can tell the difference right away.

  • Are There Clots?

Another thing about implantation bleeding is that there is no passing of clots in the blood. If you do see blood, then it is not normal. Either it’s your period, or you need to go and see a doctor about it immediately.

There shouldn’t be clots in normal implantation bleeding. If there are, then it’s best to go to your doctor and have the issue sorted out, before it gets out of hand.

  • Is It Heavy?

Last but not least, implantation bleeding is not heavy at all. Think of it as very light spotting, very similar to the flow that you have on the last few days of your period. If the implantation bleeding is heavy then it’s not a good sign.

Period Bleeding


  • Darker Than Implantation Bleeding

Period bleeding or normal menstruation is darker in color, and the blood is fresh when it passes. It is a dark red color for the first few days, and as your period ends, it becomes lighter, and it progresses into spotting until it finally stops.

  • You Can Pass Clots

Menstruation occurs when your uterus sheds its lining. The result can lead to bleeding along with the passing of clots. It’s very normal in menstruation bleeding to pass clots, so it’s not alarming if you do see clots in your blood when you are on your period.

If you are still concerned about it and there are a lot of clots in your blood, then you can go see a doctor. But some clots on heavy days are totally normal and there’s nothing to worry about.

  • Heavy Flow

Menstruation bleeding has a specific pattern. It is heavy on the first 2 or 3 days and you need to wear a longer pad to protect yourself. After the 3 days are up, the flow starts to lighten but it is still heavier than spotting. In the last day or so, you can experience spotting.


In a nutshell, menstruation bleeding is heavier as compared to implantation bleeding. That’s just how it is and some women have an even heavier flow than others. It is all dependent on hormones and it can be different for every woman.

There you have it! Now you know the basic difference between implantation bleeding and period bleeding. These might seem very insignificant differences but they are worlds apart.


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