Jasmine’s first birth was a hospital birth in Northern Virginia, that did not go as planned — starting with an induction at 41w 3d — but she says, because of the support she received from her husband, she felt empowered and super connected to him, to God, and to all the women who birthed before her.  In Jasmine’s words: “Together, my husband, our baby girl, and I, turned what could have been a scary, sterile situation, into a beautiful, love-filled hospital birth! The birth transformed me and showed me my new purpose in life. I quit my 10 year career as a news reporter, focused on pouring into our family, and launched a doula business!” 

Fast forward almost three years to 2021, and Jasmine and Julian’s second baby was born in the living room of their Tokyo home! After a bit of – active labor denial on her part — and 9 hours of peacefully laboring through the night, their son, Nile Alexander, eased into the water just as the sun was rising on March 5.  Jasmine describes the birth as euphoric and spiritual, and says, it was a true gift to be cared for by a traditional Japanese midwife throughout her pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period — Everything from bone therapy (a Japanese practice similar to chiropractic care), acupuncture, reflexology, moxibustion, healing through foods, womb warming, and so much more.

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Jasmine and her family will welcome Baby #3 in March 2023 (!!!), and will again, be supported by So San, the wisdom-filled midwife who supported their second pregnancy and birth.

Jasmine Dioulo Bio

Jasmine Dioulo is a homemaking, home-birthing, love-cultivating, light-spreading believer, wife, and mama.  She and her husband, Julian, are currently raising their babies overseas, in Tokyo! For 10 years, Jasmine worked as a TV news reporter and anchor.  However, she says, with the birth of her first child, came massive transformation, an extremely clear vision, and a strong calling on her life to take it back to the basics.  Today, she gets to spend her days pouring into her husband and children, building community, and supporting other women and families on their journeys to and through motherhood.   

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