We blinked, and it’s time to start thinking about the holiday season. And with so much unpredictability these days, we’re looking forward to the yearly traditions that keep us grounded now more than ever. Not only do they help us create much-needed moments of joy and connection with our loved ones, but they can also bring a sense of nostalgia — and optimism about the future.

Whether your plans involve baking your grandmother’s cookie recipe, adorning the house with twinkling lights, or indulging in holiday-themed movie marathons, families from all backgrounds have unique ways of building memories this time of year. My favorite way to celebrate the season? Reminiscing and swapping stories as my family hangs up our treasured boxes of ornaments. From a glittery memento I bought on vacation to the first DIY craft my kid made, ornaments are an easy way for us to get in the holiday spirit, kicking off a season full of magic.

And lucky for us, this year Hallmark released over 450 new Keepsake Ornaments to add to your collection. From musical mementos to milestone markers, you’ll love finding heartfelt, personalized, and laugh-out-loud funny pieces to hang in your home. Keep reading for a roundup of our beautifully crafted favorites, organized into categories to make your holiday decor shopping a breeze.

1. Find Your Magic

When you want your holiday decor to go the extra mile, Hallmark’s Keepsake Ornaments with lights, music, and motion will add an undeniable layer of joy to your season. Your little ones will love a charming ferris wheel featuring a trio of adorable penguins grooving to a festive tune, while you and the other adults can chuckle at a light-up bulb ornament with a cheeky, festive message or a singing avocado created for everyone who always pays extra for guac (hi, it’s me).

2. Delight In Small Wonders

Miniature ornaments will reliably make you go ‘squee!’ — but they can be practical, too! If you’re tight on space, minis allow for festive decor without overwhelming your home. And if you have young kids eager to help with the decorating, their smaller size makes them perfect for little hands to handle. A silly snowman waffle maker will inspire you to make your famous big holiday breakfast, while a classic pool floatie and ice cream truck will help you channel those summer vacation vibes — even in the middle of winter.

3. Spread The Cheer

When you’re craving some holiday cheer inspired by classic beloved motifs, Hallmark’s got you covered with spirit-boosting ornaments that never go out of style. Pick from a wood depiction of Santa riding a camel complete with an interactive pull-string, a cheeky, pun-inspired gnome design, or add some LOLs to your space with a Santa-atop-Nessie ornament inspiring all revelers to ‘Just Believe.’

4. Joyful Gifts, Perfect Fits

If you want something that perfectly reflects your — or your gift recipient’s — interests, Hallmark’s Keepsake Ornaments have a one-of-a-kind product to make everyone feel seen. A fishing gear ornament will thrill any outdoor enthusiast, while gardening fans will appreciate a lovely ornament reminding them to ‘plant kindness,’ and a Santa-themed stand mixer will inspire any baking lover to take home the top prize at the cookie competition. Bonus: These hobby-themed ornaments also double as awesome conversation starters when guests visit for the holidays.

5. Savor Meaningful Moments

As we approach 2024, the holidays prompt us to pause and reflect on the past year’s events. A frame ornament is a wonderful way to commemorate the personal achievements and moments of joy you’ve experienced along the way. Choose from heart-melting products allowing you to celebrate your year as a family, honor your favorite furry friend with a keepsake featuring their cutie face in the center, commemorate your baby’s first holiday season, and so much more.

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