Things get scary fast in the trailer for Hulu’s The Other Black Girl. Based on the bestselling novel of the same name by Zakiya Dalila Harris, the 10-episode series follows Nella (Sinclair Daniel), an editorial assistant and the only Black woman at a New York City publishing house. In the trailer, Nella is initially excited when another Black woman, Hazel (Ashleigh Murray), joins the company. But as Hazel begins to climb the corporate ladder, Nella finds herself convinced there’s something sinister going on with her white coworkers.

From a ghostly face appearing on her computer screen to Hazel seemingly showing up outside her apartment in the middle of the night, Nella becomes increasingly paranoid as the trailer goes along. With its mix of horror, comedy, and thriller tones, The Other Black Girl is poised to take on racism and tokenism, while also being perfect spooky season viewing that will keep you guessing about what’s actually happening to Nella right up until the end. Whether you’ve read the book or not, this series deserves to be at the top of any thriller fan’s must-watch list.

Read on for everything you need to know about The Other Black Girl before the series premieres on Hulu in September.

The Other Black Girl trailer is full of twists.

At the start of the trailer, The Other Black Girl appears to be a darkly comedic series about a Black woman dealing with microaggressions and tokenism at her workplace. Then Hazel enters the picture, and everything shifts. Suddenly, Nella’s coworkers begin to appear downright nefarious, while Hazel may not be the ally Nella first assumed she would be. One thing is certain: Something’s not right at Wagner Books.

When will Hulu’s adaptation premiere?

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All 10 episodes of The Other Black Girl will premiere Sep. 13 on Hulu, so get ready to put the kids to bed early and settle in for a nice, long binge-watch.

What is The Other Black Girl about?

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The series is based on the 2021 book of the same name by Harris, who was also part of the team who adapted the novel for TV. In July, Harris spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the unique challenge of translating her story from the page to the screen.

“Helping adapt The Other Black Girl for television was easily the hardest creative challenge I’ve ever taken on,” Harris said. “It was also the most rewarding, as it allowed me to see all the ways my original idea could not only be expanded upon, but reimagined for a visual medium. This show reflects a blend of many exciting new perspectives that include Rashida Jones, Jordan Reddout, and Gus Hickey, and this story is all the better for it!”

Just like in the book, Nella is sick of being overlooked at work, where she constantly deals with microaggressions and feelings of loneliness at her job. When Hazel gets hired, Nella is sure she’ll finally have an ally, but instead, her new coworker quickly climbs the ranks at Wagner Books. Even more disturbing, Nella can’t shake the feeling that someone wants her gone.

Who else is in the cast?

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In addition to Daniel and Murray, the cast includes Eric McCormack, Brittany Adebumola, Hunter Parrish, Bellamy Young, and Garcelle Beauvais. Jones’ former The Office castmate, Brian Baumgartner, is also set to appear in the series.

The Other Black Girl will premiere in its entirety on Hulu on Sept. 13.

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