There are few things in life that require as much preparation as having a baby. That’s why nature gives us nine months to figure it out. You see two lines, and the countdown clock begins. Ready or not, a baby is on the way, and you’ve got a to-do list a mile long.

What nobody bothers to tell you when you’re assembling the crib, stocking your closet with Huggies, and reading articles that compare the size of your unborn child to fruit and small exotic animals is that all your careful preparation is only going to be effective for a few months.

See, you prepped for a newborn, and while that was totally necessary, exactly zero of the things you did to make life work with a newborn are going to continue to work once your baby is on the move. It’s time to prep your home — and your baby! — for life on the move. Here’s how you can start:

First things first: Prep the actual baby.

Mobile babies are a whole different animal than little stationary newborns. Baby needs to be prepared for life as a little mover. Skip the footie pajamas and sock feet, allowing your baby’s little piggies to provide the grip they need to cruise and explore. Make sure their diaper is up for the challenge. Huggies Little Movers are literally made for this phase — the curved shape of the diaper is designed to comfortably fit all baby butts. For babies on the move, this means a snug, comfy fit that helps virtually eliminate leaks.

Make sure there’s room to explore.

The furniture is anchored. The fireplace tools are stowed. The coffee table books are on the shelf. You’re good, right? Maybe not. It’s probably time to send the entire coffee table on an extended vacation to the garage. Same for standing lamps, large potted plants, and anything else that limits baby’s room to discover. Don’t worry; it will all be back! It’s just that while your baby is transitioning from full-time sitter to always-on-the-move, wide-open spaces are their best friend.

Get on their level and look for hazards.

You’ve probably thought about covering electrical outlets and cushioning sharp corners, but your baby has the eyes of an eagle and zero life experience. Babies have a way of making their parents question whether they produced a child with literally ANY sense of self-preservation. Sit on the floor and look for things that might catch their little eye — like hanging lamp cords and lower cabinet doors, and make sure they are secure or out of reach. Check under furniture for anything small that may have been batted out of sight.

Next-Level Pro Tip: If you live in a home with doorstops, the little rubber caps can be an overlooked choking hazard. Snatch those bad boys up before your baby sees them as a snack.

Latches on latches on latches.

Seriously. Just resign yourself to latching your entire life closed so your baby can’t stumble on anything dangerous. Kitchen cabinets? Latch ‘em. Bathroom cabinets? Latch away. The toilet gets a latch. The front and back doors get a latch. EVERYBODY GETS A LAAAAATCH!

Prepare to change diapers at racecar pit crew speed.

Your baby has gotten the taste of freedom, so gone are the days of slow changes with sweet little belly tickles and all the lotions, potions, and powders of the newborn phase. Your baby has places to be, and you’ll need to learn to whip off one Huggies Little Movers diaper and get another one on without skipping a beat. Restock that changing table every night, so you’re never caught unprepared … and maybe run a few speed drills and do some stretches.

Your baby is entering one of the most adorable, delightful phases of their babyhood. Ensure their area is safe and their little heinie is comfy and dry in Huggies Little Movers, and enjoy every precious, wobbly step.

Photographer: Erin Foster

Art Director: Julie Vaccaro

Prop Stylist: Beth Pakradooni

Wardrobe Stylist: Sinead Grimalt

Hair & Makeup Artist: Stephanie Peterson

Baby Wrangler: Joyce Whalen

Production: Allie Kolb

Branded Lifestyle Editor: Kristen Mae

Branded Lifestyle Director: Allison Berry

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