Julia’s first birth took place in the hospital and, though she was delighted to meet her son, the challenges of the postpartum period left her feeling unsure of herself and worried about making the right choices for her son. Her second birth was another hospital birth with a much less challenging, but still very unsupported postpartum. This time, she knew a little more and felt more confident standing up for herself and her babies but still felt she was fighting for what she wanted and not in alignment with her providers. She knew before she even left the hospital that she would not birth there again.

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Her third and fourth births took place at her home and were attended by wonderful midwives and her own children, with her first son catching her 10lb 12 oz baby last May. Through each birth and postpartum, Julia has found a little bit more of herself and settled more deeply and a little more comfortably into her motherhood. She is now the proud and confident mother of 3 young sons and 1 young daughter and loves supporting other women in their transition to and through pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and early parenthood.

Julia Pelly Bio

Julia Pelly, MPH is a mother of four young children. She is a writer, a birth and postpartum doula, a La Leche League leader, a midwifery student, and the founder of Your Postpartum Plan. Julia lives in North Carolina and loves hiking, swimming, and helping build connection and community among new and expecting parents. Connect with Julia via the get in touch button at yourpostpartumplan.com or search for her personal Instagram page under the handle @Julez5206.



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