Hands Down, The 60 Most Stylish & Practical Things For Your Home Under $35 On Amazon

Cool products that are way cheaper than you’d expect.

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If you’re looking to upgrade your home with inexpensive items that’ll add some style and practicality in a snap, you’re in the right spot. Scroll through this curated list of incredible Amazon products from cute decor to organizational must-haves that are all, shockingly, under $35 but worth so much more.


This Accordion Picture Frame That Holds 5 Photos

Whether you have a big family or just take really great photos that need to see the light of day on display, this accordion frame will get the job done. It can hold five 4-by-6 photos, and while it can’t be mounted to a wall, the angle of the tabletop frame can be changed as you see fit. When it isn’t being used, it folds for easy storage.


These Scented Drawer Liners That Come In A Variety Of Colors

Set these scented drawer liners in any drawer to add a layer of design, protection, and scent. Infused with French fragrance oils, the scent of the liners slowly diffuses as it’s exposed to air. Six 14-inch by 19.5-inch non-adhesive paper sheets come in the set and can easily be cut to the size that you need. The sheets keep your clothes and linens smelling fresh.


This Absorbent Bath Mat That’s Thin Enough To Fit Under Doors

You don’t have to worry about this absorbent bath mat getting caught under doors as it’s thin enough for doors to slide right over. It’s a soft version of a stone bath mat, which is truly the best of both worlds. It’s comfortable on the feet while being incredibly absorbent. In fact, watermarks fully disappear after just a few minutes. The mat is available in several colors and sizes.


This Stackable Can Organizer That’s Save So Much Fridge Space

If you’re a family that enjoys soda, sparkling water, and other canned beverages, you’ll want to give this soda can organizer a look. It comes in a pack of two stackable plastic organizers, each holding up to 12 cans. It’s a great way to save space in your refrigerator while keeping things organized. You can also buy it in a four-pack.


This Cable Management Box That Effectively Hides Cords

Cords can get unruly pretty quickly, but this cable management box keeps them under control and hidden for a much cleaner look. It also keeps the cords, kids, and pets protected from each other. The box comes in two sizes, so you can choose the size that works best for your power strip. Each box has a slot for the cords to exit.


This Charcuterie Board Set With A Slide-Out Cutlery Drawer

Get ready for people to ask where you got this bamboo cheese board every time you bring it to a party. The hidden cutlery drawer with four cheese knives is a fun feature that’s also practical because it saves you from bringing utensils. A grooved rim gives you spots to hold crackers and keep them from falling during transport.


A Pair Of Oil Dispenser Bottles With Airtight Spouts

The airtight spouts on this set of two oil and vinegar dispensers allow for a slow pour, preventing you from accidentally pouring too much oil into your food. The spouts can also give you peace of mind that freshness will be preserved. Speaking of, the green color of the glass protects the oil from light, preserving the freshness even more. These have scored an impressive rating of 4.7 out of five stars, making them a worthy addition to your kitchen pantry.


This Utensil Drawer Organizer Featuring Helpful Labels

This bamboo utensil drawer organizer is designed to hold silverware, kitchen utensils, and flatware. It forces you to keep the drawer organized, which is truly a beautiful thing. Along with the six-compartment organizer, you get 80 sticker labels so ensure that everyone knows where everything goes. (Whether or not they actually put things away in the right spot, however, is another story.)


This Genius Tumbler Lid Organizer For Under-Cabinet Mounting

If you have a plethora of tumblers in your home, you will probably find this horizontal tumbler lid organizer to be very helpful. It’s designed to be mounted under a cabinet, and you can slide several tumbler lids right on. It can be mounted using self-adhesive, avoiding the need for drilling in your cabinets. “I mounted it inside the cabinet, off to one side. It’s a simple thing that has made my cup cabinet much, much easier to deal with,” said one reviewer.


This Bamboo Tea Bag Organizer With 8 Compartments & A Bottom Drawer

Tea boxes can take up a lot of space in a pantry or drawer, but with this bamboo tea bag organizer, you can toss the boxes and just keep the tea bags. The organizer is a tea drinker’s dream because it has eight compartments for your favorite teas. The magnetic lid is clear and keeps the aromas in, and there’s a drawer for accessory storage.


These Best-Selling Satin Pillowcases In Loads Of Colors

The color options for this set of two satin pillowcases are endless. OK, not actually endless, but there are tons. The pillowcases have an envelope closing, which helps keep the pillowcase on the pillow. They’re soft and silky, and they’re known to help reduce hair frizz overnight as well as pillow creases on your face. You know the ones. But most importantly of all, over 226,000 Amazon customers have given them a five-star review, meaning that they’re bound to help you sleep a little more soundly.


This Set Of 3 Geometric Floating Shelves That Can Each Support Up To 13 Pounds

You’ll fall in love with this set of three geometric floating shelves the second you hang them on your wall. Made from eco-friendly materials, the shelves are lightweight but strong, and each can hold up to 13 pounds of decor. The shelves come in three sizes and complement each other beautifully so they’re just as functional as they are decorative.


This 3-Tier Plate & Kitchen Accessory Organizer That Couldn’t Be Easier To Assemble

Increase the storage space in a cabinet or on a shelf by adding this three-tier plate organizer, which also serves as a chic way to store spices, condiments, or other kitchen accessories. Shoppers note that the bamboo organizer is easy to put together and works great at the corner of a countertop or cabinet, allowing you to stack plates rather than set them side by side. It comes with nonslip adhesive pads to keep it in place.


A Toilet Paper Stand With Storage For 5 Rolls

The great thing about this toilet paper stand is that it can store an additional four toilet paper rolls for a total of five rolls at a time. The freestanding holder features a weighted base that’s just a little under five pounds that keeps it from tipping over. The top toilet paper holder lifts off the base easily, so it isn’t a struggle when the roll needs to be switched out.


This Salt & Pepper Grinder Set With An Included Funnel For Easy Refills

It’s easy to fill this salt and pepper grinder set as it comes with its own funnel. Each grinder has a six-ounce capacity though, so you won’t need to refill them often. The grinders are versatile and can hold all types of spices in addition to sea salt and pepper, including cloves, coriander, cumin, and nutmeg. The gold lids make the set extra special, but you can choose from other colors if gold isn’t your thing.


This Over-The-Door Stuffed Animal Holder That Gets The Toys Off The Ground

Your kids will finally have a place to put all 600 of their stuffed animals with this over-the-door stuffed animal storage organizer. It doesn’t actually hold 600 toys, but it does have five deep pockets that hold quite a bunch. Installation couldn’t be easier, and it’s portable, so you can move it from room to room. Its accessible design also might make your kids tempted to put them back where they found them. Maybe.


An Amazing Deal On A 4-Pack Of Large Stainless Steel Tumblers

It’s not every day you find four stainless steel tumblers with lids and straws for under $20. But, alas, here we are. The 20-ounce tumblers have double walls that keep liquids hot for up to 6 hours and chilled for up to 12 hours. While the tumblers aren’t leakproof, they are shatterproof, so they’re safe in the hands of kiddos. Some buyers have also cleverly customized their set to give them a personalized touch.


These Farmhouse Mason Jar Lights For A Glowing Centerpiece

This eye-catching set of three lighted mason jars makes a beautiful centerpiece for a special event like a wedding or baby shower, but the jars are also perfect for everyday home decor. The lighted jars come with string lights inside as well as artificial flowers that look surprisingly real. It also comes with a wooden tray that holds the jars.


This Fleece Throw Blanket That Comes In Bed Sizes, Too

Once you feel this warm fleece throw blanket, it’s going to become a fight as to who gets to use it for couch time. It’s that soft. It also doesn’t hurt that the blanket is so affordable, so you might want to consider buying one for the whole family. It also comes in sizes for twin, queen, and king beds, and it’s available in several colors to best match (or add a pop of color to) the rest of your decor.


These Hand-Blown Wine Glasses That Are Impressively Large & Durable

Pour yourself and a friend a glass of wine in this set of two red wine glasses. The handblown glasses have a modern design with a long stem, and they can hold 22 ounces of wine, which is significantly more than a standard wine glass. Crafted from ultra-clarity crystal, they may look thin, but they’re surprisingly durable.


This Clever Drawer Spice Rack That Puts Your Entire Collection In View

Save space with this spice rack for a drawer as it features four tiers that can hold 20 to 30 spice jars. The tiers make it easy to place the jars with the label facing outward so you can quickly find what you’re looking for while peeking at your entire collection. The bamboo rack works best with four-inch deep drawers to properly fit standard spice jars, so be sure to measure before your purchase.


This Modern Corner Shelf With A Whole Lot Of Versatility

There’s so much you can do with this floating corner shelf. It can go in the corner of your living room or bedroom to hold decor like plants, picture frames, books, trinkets, and more. But the two-tier shelf also works great in a bathroom as a place to hold extra towels or other bathroom essentials. Although it looks fancy and unique, the shelf only takes a few minutes to install, which is lovely.


This Microfiber Bedskirt That Reaches All The Way To The Floor

If you want to add a touch of elegance (and adulting) to your bedroom, or if you simply want to cover all the crap you’ve shoved under your bed, check out this bed skirt crafted from soft 100% microfiber that reaches the floor. The bed skirt is sleek and stylish, and to make things more personalized, it comes in several color and size options.


These Hanging Artificial Succulents, Perfect For Anyone Prone To Accidentally Destroying Plants

Listen, you’re not alone if you consistently underwater, overwater, or under-sun any plant that comes into your home, but you might do better with these hanging artificial succulent plants. The set of two plants is made of high-quality plastic and each sits inside a wooden planter. The planters come with a lanyard so you can easily hang them from a shelf or a wall to brighten up any room.


This Modern Shower Caddy Organizer Set That Requires No Drilling

Easily mount this set of two shower caddies to your shower wall without the use of drilling. Instead, they’re mounted via a strong adhesive that keeps them in place and doesn’t ruin any walls. The modern caddies, which are available in three colors, can hold several items and include hooks for holding a loofah or scrub brush. The unique design also allows water to drain easily.


A 3-Tier Shelf That’s Fantastic For Small Spaces

Perfect for a small space like a bathroom that needs extra storage space, this three-tier bathroom shelf can hold a ton of items and look good while doing it. It’s a great space for extra towels, soap or lotion bottles, bathroom accessories, or decorative items like picture frames or plants. Each shelf can impressively hold up to 44 pounds.


This Rotating Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensil Holder With 3 Compartments

This rotating kitchen utensil caddy is like a lazy Susan for cookware. The stainless steel caddy features three compartments so you can keep different types of utensils separated, that way they’re quick and easy to grab when you need them. It can hold several utensils that are easily reachable thanks to its rotating mechanism.


This Brilliant Space-Saving Strainer That Snaps On To Your Pots

Why use a regular ol’ stainer bowl when you can use this small stainer that easily snaps onto a pot to get the straining done without transferring food? Not to mention this pot strainer takes up practically no space in a cabinet, unlike its larger strainer counterparts. The adjustable silicone strainer is available in several color options.


These Lidded Glass Carafes With A Narrow Neck Design

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the type of beverage you can put in this two-pack of glass carafe pitchers. They’re great for water, iced tea, cocktails, sangria, and more. The carafes feature a narrow neck with a classy design that’ll spice up your beverage game at parties or even more intimate gatherings. They each come with a plastic lid to help keep the contents inside fresh and avoid spills.


A 12-Pack Of Hanging Deodorizers That Are Great For Closets & Gym Lockers

These hanging closet deodorizers offer a light perfumey lavender scent in areas that might need a little aroma therapy. And by therapy, I mean masking any less than delightful aromas. Twelve sachets come in the pack and can be hung on a doorknob or a closet rod, or it can be set inside a drawer or near shoes or anything else that might be a bit unpleasant. You can even bring it with you to hang in a gym locker. If lavender isn’t your favorite, have no fear — it’s also available in six other scents.


This Coffee Drying Mat That Protects Countertops From Stains

Place your coffee maker on top of this coffee bar drying mat to protect your countertops from coffee stains and scratches. The absorbent mat is also a great place to put coffee accessories like mugs, sugar, honey, etc. Crafted from a thick PU material, this mat absorbs liquids without leaving water marks behind. Plus, it makes your coffee bar look pretty darn profesh. It’s available in eight color options and three sizes.


This Small Dish Drainer With A Spot For Utensils

Once your dishes are hand-washed, this small dish drainer is a convenient place to put them while they air dry. It can hold around eight dishes, give or take depending on their size. A detachable cutlery cup gives you a place to let your utensils dry and even works with larger cooking utensils. The drainer fits perfectly inside most standard sinks.


This Fancy Garlic Press Without The Fancy Price Tag

Save yourself a whole lot of trouble in the kitchen (and prevent garlic fingers) by using this garlic press set. The set allows you to crush and mince unpeeled gloves of garlic or ginger. It comes with a small brush so you can fully avoid touching the garlic. You can wash it by hand or pop it in the dishwasher for a thorough cleaning.


A Gorgeous Eucalyptus Wreath That’s Great For All Seasons

I get that many people enjoy switching out their wreaths based on the seasons, but this eucalyptus wreath can be up year-round if you want it to. While it looks lifelike, the leaves are made of silk, so you don’t have to worry about it dying. Plus, the berries add a hint of color and texture. It’ll make a charming addition to any front door.


These Handmade Macrame Plant Hangers With Near-Perfect Ratings

It’s no surprise that thousands of shoppers adore this two-pack of macrame plant hangers. Handmade by artisans, the jute plant hangers feature a strong, woven design that works well with planters in a variety of shapes. The holder is 40 inches long, making it ideal for planters up to eight inches in diameter. You’ll need to purchase the planters separately.


This Nonstick Crepe Pan That Works For A Variety Of Foods

Yes, you can make the world’s most delicious crepes on this nonstick crepe pan (well, the delicious part is up to you), but the pan also works for eggs, pancakes, meat, tortillas, and a variety of other foods. The ergonomic handle doesn’t get hot, and the rest of the pan is made of cast aluminum, which is easier to care for than cast iron.


This Compost Bin That Comes With Everything Needed To Get Started

This compost bin comes with everything you need to successfully start composting your food scraps. It comes with three charcoal filters, 100% recyclable bags, and an eight-inch garden shovel. The bin can hold up to one pound of compost, and it features a handle and a lid. “This composting is so cute and looks great on the countertop and it’s also super functional. I actually put food scraps in there for a whole week and the filters keep it from smelling which is amazing to me. Really good quality for the price,” said one reviewer.


A Glass Baking Pan That’s Actually Microwave-Friendly

Sure, the world is no longer staying indoors 2020-style anymore, but if you haven’t let that stop you from baking your own bread, you will find joy in this glass loaf pan. The pan is made from borosilicate glass, which can withstand high temperatures and is safe for the oven, microwave, freezer, and dishwasher. Plus, it comes with an airtight lid.


This Ceramic Sponge Holder That Can Be Popped In The Dishwasher

Keep your kitchen sink sponge in a convenient spot with this ceramic sponge holder. It neatly holds a sponge, but it isn’t just practical. The sponge holder features a pretty embossed design that’ll bring a touch of elegance to your kitchen. The best part is the holder is dishwasher safe, so even when it naturally gets a little grimy, it’s easy to clean. You can also buy it in a farmhouse style.


This Handheld Electric Milk Frother That Has Changed My Morning Routine

Ever since I bought this handheld milk frother, my morning routine has gone a lot smoother. No, my kids still don’t get themselves ready without being asked 75 times, but my beverages are blended without little to no effort. The electric frother expertly whisks both hot and cold beverages like milk, protein shakes, lattes, and powder drinks. You can also use it to scramble eggs.


This Organic Changing Pad Cover That Makes A Great Baby Shower Gift

Even if you or your expecting friend already have a changing pad cover, having more than one can be a huge help, which your expecting friend will soon realize. This organic cotton changing pad cover is hypoallergenic, silky soft, and breathable. It’s made of jersey knit fabric and comes in 12 colors. It makes for a great practical and thoughtful gift for a baby shower.


These Blackout Curtains In Several Pretty Floral Designs

Block out the sunlight in the morning so you can sleep longer with these highly efficient blackout curtains. Also excellent for a nursery set-up, this set comes with two curtain panels that fit on a standard or decorative curtain rod. There are four lengths to choose from, helping ensure the perfect fit for your room. There are also 20 pretty floral design options in various colors to fit your room’s aesthetic.


These Uniquely Narrow Vases Made From Bamboo & Ceramic

The beauty of this set of three flower vases is that you can display them together or separately, and they look great no matter what. They are narrower than most vases, giving them a unique aesthetic with a modern vibe that truly upgrades the standard glass vase. Made of ceramic with a bamboo base, the minimalistic vases come in varying sizes.


This Low-Pile Area Rug Runner With A Retro Look

This lightweight accent rug runner makes for a beautiful addition to a hallway or entryway. The rug is thin with a low pile, so it won’t get in the way of doors opening and closing and it won’t get in the way of people walking through a high-traffic area. It has a retro distressed look and comes in several sizes and colors to best fit your space. It’s also easy to wash, which is especially excellent for families with kids and pets.


This Rustic Set Of Tissue Box Covers With Convenient Closed Bottoms

The bottom of this rustic barnwood tissue box is closed with a latch to keep the box from falling out every time someone moves it, which already sets it apart from the competition. The wooden box fits an upright tissue box and is easy to refill. The farmhouse style of the box has an authentic distressed look to it, and it comes in a pack of two for all your tissue-grabbing needs.


This Portable Cool Mist Humidifier With An 8-Hour Runtime

Whether you put this portable cool mist humidifier on your office desk, on a nightstand, or in your child’s room, it has an eight-hour runtime that lets you set it and forget for the day. The humidifier is small, which makes it ideal for bringing on trips. It works well in a 65-square-foot room to relieve allergy symptoms while combating dryness in throats, noses, and skin.


These Modern Steel Cabinet Handles In A 5-Pack

A super quick and easy way to upgrade your kitchen in a small, affordable way is by replacing your current cabinet handles with these modern square cabinet pulls. The pull handles come in a pack of five and work with all cabinet types, including paneled doors, paneled drawers, slab doors, and slab drawers. They’re available in three finishes: stainless steel, matte black, and polished chrome.


This 3-Piece Chopping Board Set That’s Mountable

Mount this three-piece cutting board set to the inside of a cabinet door or a wall to keep it out of the way but easily accessible without taking up room. It comes with strong 3M adhesive tape for mounting, which is a great way of avoiding drilling into your cabinet. With the set comes two double-sided chopping boards with nonslip feet.


This 5-Piece Kitchen Utensil Set Made From Acacia Wood & Silicone

Since kitchen utensils are often on display as you use them, you might as well buy some in a color you love, as you can do with this five-piece utensil set. Made of acacia wood and silicone, the utensils are available in seven color options. In the set, you’ll find a soup ladle, a slotted spoon, a serving spoon, a spatula, and a slotted turner. “These kitchen utensils are wonderful to use in hot or cold dishes. They are comfortable in the hand and clean-up is easy whether sticky or gooey. I would recommend them,” said one reviewer.


A Pack of 7 Different-Sized Food Storage Containers With Airtight Lids

With this seven-pack of food storage containers, you can store all types of dry pantry items, including pasta, beans, rice, nuts, cereal, and candy. The containers come in four sizes with airtight lids to keep food fresher for longer. They’re transparent so you can see when you need to purchase refills instead of running out of noodles when it’s pasta night. (For my kids, that’s every night.)


This Food Storage Container With A Dry Erase-Compatible Lid

This airtight food storage container keeps your deli meat and cheese fresh and easy to access. Grooved edges on the bottom of the plastic and silicone container keep moisture away from food items. It’s especially great for items like bacon that come in packaging that isn’t very forgiving if you don’t use it all in one go. Its clear top is great to see what’s inside, but it’s also dry-erase compatible if you’re into labeling.


This Pretty Marble Spoon Rest To Keep Countertops Clean

Maintain a clean countertop while cooking when using this pretty marble spoon rest. The spoon rest isn’t just for spoons, however — it’s also built for all types of kitchen utensils. It can withstand a ton of heat, so even if you’re working with a hot utensil, it won’t damage the marble. It can also be used as a serving dish for candy, and regardless of how you use it, it’s a breeze to clean.


This Magnetic Knife Holder With No Drilling Needed

This magnetic knife strip doesn’t need to be drilled into a wall — instead, it uses strong 3M adhesive tape so you can easily mount it to any wall in the kitchen. The magnet has an extremely strong hold, so you can trust that your knives won’t slip off. It can hold at least five knives with room for a few more depending on their size.


A Bamboo Lazy Susan For Easy Access To Pantry Items

This bamboo lazy Susan gives you easy access to the pantry items you use most. The two-tier lazy Susan has a turntable design allowing you to see and reach everything on board. It can fully replace a spice rack, and it’s also a great item to add to a bathroom for toiletries, hand towels, or extra toilet paper.


This Best-Selling Refrigerator Deodorizer That Lasts For 10 Years

There isn’t a need to switch out this refrigerator deodorizer for a whopping 10 years, which is good for the planet, good for your wallet, and good for your peace of mind. The technology within this deodorizer decomposes harmful gases into water molecules, which helps maintain an odorless fridge while keeping food fresher for longer.


This Little Salad Dressing Shaker With Measurements

The spout on this little salad dressing shaker allows you to pour dressing onto your salad without pouring way too much or spilling. Measurements make it easy to work with so you don’t have to dirty other measuring cups when making a dressing. The lid is airtight and watertight, keeping the dressing fresh for as long as possible.


This Chic Machine-Washable Indoor Doormat That’s Cute & Cozy

You’ll love the look of this chic indoor door mat in your home. The absorbent mat is available in four color palettes and five sizes to best fit your decor and space. The rug is machine washable, making it super easy to care for. The company recommends washing it in cold water. It has a low-profile design to prevent doors from getting stuck.


A Plug-In Night Light With Adjustable Brightness

You don’t have to settle for one brightness level with this plug-in night light as the brightness is adjustable. The decorative night light works well in a bedroom, bathroom, living room, or hallway and can be dimmed to the level that works best for that room. An automatic smart light sensor turns it on in the dark and off when it’s light.


These Handcrafted Wooden Serving Tongs That Are Great For Entertaining

Perfect for salads or fruit dishes, these wooden serving tongs are bound to get noticed at your next big home gathering. They’re handcrafted, meaning that no two sets will be exactly alike, and showcase a polished full-grain design. “I’m very pleased with them,” said one reviewer. “Besides being beautiful, they are sturdy and easy for me to handle. Highly recommend.”


This Outlet Extender With A Built-In Night Light

With this outlet extender, you get six additional plugs for all your chargers, hairdryers, etc. The three-sided power strip features plugs that have enough space in between them to not be a problem for most chargers. The outlet extender also features two USB plugs and a smart night light that automatically turns on when ambient light becomes insufficient.

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