Welcoming a new addition to your family is exciting, and creating a stylish, comfortable space for your little one is an adventure in itself. Creating that perfect nursery isn’t just about picking out cute furnishings; it’s about curating a space that stimulates, comforts, and grows with your child. This guide is your essential roadmap to setting up a stylish and sustainable nursery, infused with that iconic Australian flair. Combine interior decorator expertise with eco-conscious choices to curate a space that’s both chic and planet-friendly.


  1. Balance and Harmony with Earthy Tones:
    For a stylish nursery that nods to our Australian heritage, choose earthy colours. Muted eucalyptus greens or serene coastal blues not only provide visual appeal but also imbue a calming ambiance.mocka nursery
  2. Eco-Friendly Furniture as Statement Pieces:
    Sustainability is key in setting up your nursery. Opt for furniture made from sustainably-sourced timber, recycled materials, or pieces that can evolve with your child’s growth, serving multiple purposes over the years.Gaia Baby Nursery Setup Nursery Furniture Set from Gaia Baby
  3. Texture Variety with Local Flora and Fauna:
    A stylish nursery plays with textures. Introduce soft kangaroo or koala-themed rugs and blankets inspired by our unique flora. Whenever possible, choose items made from organic or recycled fabrics.Adairs Jersey Fitted Sheets Bush Babies Jersey Fitted Sheets
  4. Sustainable Choices for Modern Parents:
    Go beyond aesthetics in your nursery setup. Bamboo accessories, organic cotton linens, and repurposed wood not only echo modern design but also resonate with the eco-conscious Australian spirit.
  5. Harness Natural Light:
    Australia’s sun is a gift. Make the most of it by allowing natural light to flood the nursery. This not only reduces energy consumption but also creates a warm, inviting space.gaia baby nursery Hera Bedside Sleeper from Gaia Baby
  6. Prioritise Window Treatments:
    Don’t overlook the importance of window treatments in your nursery. Invest in blackout curtains to regulate light and maintain a steady room temperature.
  7. Maximise Space with Clever, Sustainable Storage:
    When setting up a sustainable nursery, efficient use of space is paramount. Opt for wall-mounted shelves made from reclaimed wood, under-the-crib storage baskets made from natural fibres, and multi-purpose furniture that reduces the need for more items in the future.Gaia Baby Nursery Setup Hera Wardrobe, Hera Dresser & Hera Changing Station from Gaia Baby
  8. Infuse Personal and Local Touches:
    To truly make your stylish and sustainable nursery unique, add touches that tell your family’s story. Perhaps it’s art made from recycled materials, a family heirloom, or a piece picked up from an Australian artisan.

Setting up a stylish and sustainable nursery with an Aussie touch is not just about following trends. It’s about making conscious choices that marry aesthetics with eco-friendly principles. In doing so, you craft a nurturing environment for your child while also paying homage to our beautiful Australian land. Happy decorating!

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