Listen, there’s nothing wrong with needing coffee to make it through the day. Nothing. And not having time to brew a fresh cup every couple of hours? Stop feeling guilty or lazy and just blame capitalism — there’s never time to do anything you need to do outside of work. So, when you can’t go another minute without coffee and want something fun to fill that work-life void, look no further than Dunkin’s new “bakery series” canned iced coffees. Yes, you read that right. You can now get your DD bakery confections fix in a hoard-friendly liquid form. You can pour ’em in your favorite Stanley tumbler or keep ’em in the breakroom fridge at work without worrying about them getting stale (like that leftover days-old donut you’ve been eyeballing).

“Inspired by the beloved bakery items available at Dunkin’, this new ready-to-drink iced coffee blends the best of both worlds, bringing coffee lovers the opportunity to sip their bakery favorites and receive a sweet delight, anytime and anywhere,” Dunkin’ said of the new line of drinks in a press release. Will they be as delicious as that Dunkin/Goldfish collab? TBD. But with flavors like Brownie Batter Donut, Cake Batter Donut, and Coffee Cake Muffin, it seems like a safe bet.

What are the new flavors like?

Dunkin’ offers a description that seems to make things a little clearer. These canned coffees are just a few steps beyond basic mocha, vanilla, and cinnamon lattes — and you know you already like those. These take the simple coffee flavors you already love and offer a bit of a nostalgic twist. It’s a match made in heaven for Dunkin’ lovers.

“For the donut fanatics, the Brownie Batter Donut iced coffee features rich, chocolatey flavor, while the Cake Batter Donut iced coffee tastes like a delectable vanilla cake,” shared Dunkin’. “For those that like a little spice in their life, the Coffee Cake Muffin iced coffee delivers a sweet, cinnamony taste.”

Each flavored can is 11oz and, according to Dunkin’, is best served chilled (but you do you). They’re also made with real milk and cane sugar, promising that fans of Dunkin’ in-store roasts will not be disappointed by the canned version.

Where can you get the new flavors?

Take note: You won’t be able to grab these cans just anywhere. They’re only available at retail and convenience stores, meaning you probably can’t scoop up a can while at an actual Dunkin’. A quick online search shows availability at Publix and Circle K. Are you convinced you’d rather stick with the original canned Dunkin’ coffee flavors? Those aren’t going anywhere, and you should be able to find them wherever you’ve been getting them.

The full Dunkin’ Anywhere line-up includes:

On-the-Go Line

  • Original
  • French Vanilla
  • Mocha
  • Brownie Batter Donut (new)
  • Cake Batter Donut (new)
  • Coffee Cake Muffin (new)

At-Home Creamers

Plus, of course, their bagged coffees and line of branded K-cups.

Heading to your local Dunkin’ instead of a store?


Dunkin’ also just announced they’re “doubling down” on chocolate flavors for spring. They are bringing back the fan-favorite chocolate croissant and recently unveiled the Caramel Chocolate Cold Brew. According to the press release, the drink features “Dunkin’s ultra-smooth Cold Brew and flavor notes of gooey caramel and rich milk chocolate, this crave-worthy sip is topped with Chocolate Cold Foam and Cocoa Caramel Sprinkles for just the right amount of flavor and crunch.”

They’re launching a carrot cake muffin and offering a “member exclusive” Irish Creme frozen coffee, too.

What a time to be alive! All these sound like just the thing — once you’ve wiped out your stock of that Brownie Batter Donut canned coffee. Now… where’s Ben Affleck working this week?

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