Gretchen found out she was pregnant the day before starting Nuclear Power School for the Navy. She and her husband Peter were stationed in separate states up until the last month of the pregnancy; at about her 8-month mark, they were blessed to find out that Peter was able to get temporary orders to join Gretchen in Charleston until their son was born. Gretchen went into labor at 37 weeks 3 days and gave birth at a wonderful birth center in Charleston. She and Peter call their son Matthias their ‘9-to-5’ baby: her water broke at 9:30AM, and after 8 hours of working hard to relax through contractions and a lightning-fast pushing phase, Mattie was born at 4:48PM that day!

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Gretchen Sinkovitz Bio

Gretchen is a Lieutenant Junior Grade in the Navy, currently training to serve on nuclear submarines. Her husband Peter is training to be a Navy pilot and they have a 1-year-old son, Matthias (Mattie for short!). Connect with her via email at

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