Kash (2017) 

After finding out she was pregnant with her first child, Destiny did a lot of  research on birth. After watching The Business of Being Born, she desired to  have an unmedicated vaginal birth if she was able. Her pregnancy went smoothly,  but after her due date came and went, it was suggested that she schedule an induction due to low amniotic fluid. Destiny labored for 13 hours and reached 7cms before getting an epidural. She was given an episiotomy and forceps were used to deliver her son.  

Kendyll (2021) 

For her second pregnancy, Destiny was determined that she didn’t want to be induced. She really wanted to avoid any interventions this go around. She hired a  doula and just like her first pregnancy, her due date came and went. Although her non-stress test results came back normal, she scheduled an induction. The day before her induction, labor started naturally in the early hours of the morning.  After calling her doula, and family members who would be driving an hour to watch her son, she began timing the contractions. The time between contractions quickly started decreasing, and her husband feared that they wouldn’t make it to the hospital (which was a half hour away) in time. Deciding to meet their family at  the hospital, they packed up and made their way to the hospital. Experiencing  transition in the car, Destiny feared she waited too long and would have the baby  in the car. Thankfully, they made it to the hospital, and 9 minutes after arriving Kendyll was born. 

Both photos by Heart Love Photography

Destiny Barr Bio

Bio: Destiny lives in Mt. Wolf, PA with her husband Keon and their two kids, Kash  (age 4) and Kendyll (7 months). She is a government employee and does family  portrait photography occasionally. She is a birth nerd, and can listen to birth  stories for hours. She enjoys spending time with her family and watching her kids  experience new things. You can connect with Destiny via Instagram  @destiny_byrd_  



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