“He’s here; he’s there; he’s every-f*cking-where” — He’s… Ted Lasso. But, so far, he’s not on AppleTV+ with more quirky, motivational goodness in Ted Lasso Season 4. The sports show that normalized depression and anxiety, specifically among men, has a giant fanbase. So, pretty much since the announcement of Ted Lasso’s third season, fans have been inquiring about a fourth.

A second (or 10th) look at Season 3 should give Ted Lasso fans everything they need to know about the fate of the beloved teammates and staff from AFC Richmond. That said, the finale still left some wiggle room for continuing the Ted Lasso story or a spin-off set at “The Dog Track.” From a new girls’ team to what happens next for the Greyhound men’s team entrusted to Beard (Brendan Hunt), Nate (Nick Mohammed), and Roy (Brett Goldstein), there are places a fourth season of Ted Lasso could go. But will it?

The short answer is “maybe.” A recent interview with the head of Warner Bros. TV, renewed hope in the possibility of more Ted Lasso. Though, as a Richmond fan, you already know, “It’s the hope that kills you.”

What does Warner Bros. say?

Warner Bros. TV produces Ted Lasso, which became a big-ticket series for the company in just three seasons thanks to Emmy nods and record-breaking streaming numbers. Still, the showrunners managed to tell and then neatly conclude their story in a tidy little three-season package. In fact, according to show creator Bill Lawrence, the series was always planned with a three-season arc.

Is there honestly a chance for more?

In a recent interview with Variety about the upcoming Warner Bros. slate, their chairwoman, Channing Dungey, hinted that more stories revolving around the Ted Lasso characters are possible—but she wouldn’t give a definitive answer.

“I mean, you watched the finale; there’s a little bit of a door that could be kicked back open if need be,” teased Dungey. “I wouldn’t put the period on the end of that sentence just yet. There is still a lot of love for Ted Lasso. And I think that there still is a lot of enthusiasm on the part of Apple for Ted Lasso. Should the opportunity arise, we’d be excited to jump back into making more … There are always conversations that are ongoing, just nothing that’s official.”

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What’s the hold-up with Ted Lasso Season 4?

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact reason for Ted Lasso’s ending. The show was filmed in England, pulling some of its cast (including lead Jason Sudeikis) from their homes in other parts of the world. There’s also something to be said for telling a story and then letting it end naturally instead of waiting until it “jumps the shark.”

Considering the Ted Lasso cast is quite large, coordinating commitments (not to mention salaries and raises) from everyone was undoubtedly a sizable task. But everyone involved with the show seems equally in love with and proud of it — especially star Sudeikis, who would reportedly happily return for more time with the Greyhounds.

“I’ve, you know, heard through sources that Jason Sudeikis desperately misses that character,” shared The Hollywood Reporter’s West Coast editor Lesley Goldberg. “So, who knows if they’re going to find a way to bring him back with another, a fourth season of Ted Lasso, or if they’re going to do another spin-off.”

What would another season look like?

Based entirely on the teases dropped in the finale, a follow-up could go in a few different directions. Spoilers incoming!

Lady Greyhounds: We briefly saw Keeley (Juno Temple) and Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham) discuss a women’s team at AFC Richmond. If they spun things in that direction, you could continue to see Keeley and Rebecca with occasional cameos from those on the men’s team. Rebecca could lure Ted Lasso back across the pond to teach the girls. She could offer a job to Ted’s ex-wife, as the finale hinted that they might have worked it out, and ensuring she had a job, too, would keep Ted’s family together, albeit living elsewhere.

AFC Richmond, The New Era: The finale also saw Ted pass along positions within the men’s team’s coaching staff to Nate and Roy (and eventually Beard). A new season could follow the team as it goes into another season amid coaching change-ups. It would allow recasting anyone who has moved on while also allowing for the occasional visit from their former coach and anyone else not actively part of the team.

Ted Lasso, Soccer Coach: In the final episode, we see Ted coach his son Henry’s soccer team. But did leaving Richmond really mean the end of professional coaching for Lasso? That seems impossible. A new season would continue to follow Ted, this time stateside, as he works to repair things with his family and coaches a new team.

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Who will return for Season 4, and when will it return?

The answers to both of those questions remain unclear. It’s hard to imagine a true Ted Lasso Season 4 without the leading man. However, many spin-off ideas set within the Richmond area could star various original show members without ever showing a glimpse of Sudeikis. Similarly, a true Ted Lasso series return happening stateside could star Sudeikis but forgo any of the cast he left behind in England.

As for the “when,” there’s no telling since another season has yet to be confirmed. Even if the entire cast signed papers and walked onto set right now, you’d have a six-month wait at best. If Ted Lasso does get picked up for another season, fans should expect a long wait.

So, whatever happens next is anyone’s guess… but I’ll continue to hold onto hope, even if it kills me.

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