Karsyn shares three of her four birth stories in this episode. After her son Phoenix’s successful homebirth in 2017, Karsyn pursued two more homebirths with her second and third babies, describing them all as having their ups and downs, but overall being positive experiences. Karsyn shares her love for pregnancy, postpartum and birth and the range of emotions and challenges she experienced when she became pregnant with her surprise fourth baby. After three homebirths, Karsyn shares her decision to pursue a hospital birth with options for pain relief as well as her experience with postpartum anxiety.

karsyn dupree homebirth birth story

Karsyn DuPree Bio

Karsyn lives in Tyler, Texas, where she blends her creative life as a lifestyle content creator with the joyful adventures of raising four beautiful children. Her days are filled with the boundless energy of her crew: Phoenix, Sage, Dove and Clementine, ages 6 to 3 months. She’s currently breathing new life into a mid-century modern home through DIY projects and when she finds a rare moment of peace, she escapes to her flourishing Texas garden. Connect with her via email at karsyndupree@gmail.com or on instagram.com/karsynkdupree and tiktok at tiktok.com/karsynkdupree.


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