Can You Have Sex On Your Period

Can You Have Sex On Your Period?

Can you have sex on your period: Having your period can be an uncomfortable situation, no matter how much you try to get used to it. So, is it safe to be intimate during this time of the month? Let’s find out!


Can You Be Intimate During Your Period?

One short answer to the question ‘can you have sex on your period’: Why not? You can totally have fun even when you are on your period. It’s nothing to worry about as long as you or your partner are not bothered by a little bit of mess. That can always be rectified though, with a little bit of thinking.

You don’t have to excuse yourself from the pleasure of intimacy during that time of the month. In fact, it can help you relieve a lot of tension in your body and take your mind off the dreadful time of the month. 


What Are The Benefits?

Here are some of the amazing benefits of being intimate during your period. You will be very happy with the results. 

  • Relief From Period Cramps

First of all, you will not feel weird cramps in your lower back and belly, if you have sex on your period. It instantly relaxes your body. When you have sex on your period, your uterus is also more relaxed and when it contracts, you feel less stinging pain in your belly and back. It also makes you feel better. 

  • You Are Naturally Lubricated

One of the great things about being intimate during your time of the month is that it doesn’t hurt a lot. If you are someone who needs lubrication during sex, then try having sex on your period. Your blood will act as a natural lubricant and since your hormones will help you out in this time, you will also relax more easily. This will make the whole experience less painful for you. 

  • You Will Have Less Flow

The faster the uterus pumps the lining out of your body, the shorter your period will be. Sex can make this process easier for you. When your uterus contracts, you will be able to push more lining content out from your body, which results in, you guessed it, shorter periods. Who doesn’t want that? 

  • You Will Feel Relaxed

When you have sex, you release endorphins, which generally make you happy and you feel extra relaxed and pliant. So, there is a silver lining to this time of the month after all. Being intimate during this time of the month will get you feeling better about yourself and you will not be sulking around about your period and how badly it hurts. 


What Are The Drawbacks?

There is only one drawback and that is you need to use protection when you are having sex on your period because period blood can transmit a lot of STDs. 

Can I Get Pregnant?

The chances of getting pregnancy when you having sex during period are low, but there is still possibility. It’s recommended to use protection if you are not planning a baby.


The answer to the questions; ‘can you have sex on your period’ is yes. You can totally be intimate during your period. Just make sure that you are being safe and responsible during the act. 


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