Can You Have A Period And Be Pregnant

Can You Have A Period And Be Pregnant?

Can you have a period and be pregnant: If it’s your first time being pregnant, then you might have a lot of questions about it? How does it feel? Does your period stop? Do you get sick a lot? Do you bleed? can you have a period and be pregnant? Here is the answer to the difference between your period and vaginal spotting when you’re pregnant. 

Spotting Can Be Normal During Pregnancy

While it is true that you can’t be on your period when you are pregnant, you can still experience a little bit of spotting in the first few months of your pregnancy. This is completely normal as long as the spotting is minimal and it doesn’t morph into full-on fresh blood. Light spotting is normal for women when they are pregnant.

It’s usually a form of implantation bleeding or some sort of flushing that your uterus is going through while making room for the baby to grow. 

When To Be Alarmed?

Although it is normal for you to have a little bit of blood when you’re pregnant, it’s still a better idea to be on your toes at all times to make sure that the bleeding doesn’t increase and turn into a medical emergency. There are only two cases where you can experience fresh blood coming from your vagina. 

  • Either You Are Miscarrying Your Child And You Have Lost The Pregnancy.

This will be evident when you start passing fresh red blood and there will be clots in it as well. You will also experience pain similar to period cramps. This is a very alarming thing and you need to go see a doctor. 

  • Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy is a very harmful condition and it can be lethal to both you and the baby. Your blood pressure will spike and you will be bleeding heavily, with no clots. 

How Does A Period Work?

Your period blood is nothing but the uterus lining being shed. Every month, you ovulate and your uterus prepares itself for a fetus, but if you don’t get pregnant within that time frame of ovulation, then the lining starts to shed and that’s what all the blood is about. If you end up getting pregnant after you ovulate, the fetus is planted in the lining of the uterus and you will hopefully have a baby in 9 months’ time. 

Why Do You Bleed During Pregnancy?

The answer to ‘can you have a period and be pregnant?’ is that you can bleed during pregnancy and that’s completely normal. It’s a sort of adjustment for your uterus and it needs to shed some lining to make room for the baby growing inside. As long as the bleeding is not heavy and it stays within the realm of spotting, you are good to go and there is nothing alarming going on with your body or the baby. 

There you have it! The short answer to this question is no, you can’t be pregnant if you are having your period. So, it needs to be checked by your doctor immediately. 


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