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Can You Die From A Broken Heart ?

Can You Die From A Broken Heart?

You might have heard of exaggerated lines like “you can die from a broken heart”, but what if this was really true? What if there is a medical and psychological reason behind this dramatic line? Let’s find out. 

Broken Heart Syndrome Is Real

If you had your heart broken recently and it is a physical pain in your chest whenever you think about it, well, you may quite possibly have a broken heart that needs mending. Broken heart syndrome is a real thing, and it is very common to occur in men and women alike.

It’s usually a physical pain in your chest and it is a painful muscle contraction. Your heart might feel like it’s going to burst, and it feels very depressing and gloomy.

It is a real medical condition that is very similar and sometimes mistaken for a heart attack, given its similarities in symptoms. This is the actual answer to “can you die from a broken heart?”

It Is Painful

Ever heard of something that goes along the lines of “my heart is going to burst out”? Well, in broken heart syndrome, this is what happens. Your heart, when it’s hurt, becomes larger in size and doesn’t pump blood adequately to the parts of the body that needs it. It becomes painful and it also transforms into physical pain at times. A broken heart does hurt a lot and if you are depressed, then the hurt is going to be tenfold. 

You Can Treat broken heart

Luckily, your broken heart can be treated with a bit of tender loving care. Here are some things you can do to mend your broken heart for real:

Signs And Symptoms of a broken heart

The signs and symptoms of a broken heart are:

Depression And Broken Heart

Being depressed and having a broken heart is not a good combination. Long-term depression can morph into lifelong heart diseases and you are more at risk of a heart attack or cardiac failure if you don’t treat your depression. So, take these things seriously and don’t neglect them. 


So, the answer to the question “can you die from a broken heart?” is yes, in some case, you can die from a broken heart. It is more of a medical and cardiac issue than an emotional one, but it really does seem that people cannot live with a broken heart. However, it can be treated.


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