Can A Pregnancy Test Be Wrong?

Can A Pregnancy Test Be Wrong?

 A pregnancy test can be a very good thing to use if you are late on your period and want to find out quickly whether you are pregnant or not, without having to go to the doctor. But can a pregnancy test be wrong? Here is everything you need to know about that. 

  • Ectopic Pregnancy Can Lead To A False Result

Ectopic pregnancy is a medical emergency and it can be life threa3for the woman bearing the child. It means that your uterus is unable to carry the child because the egg is stuck somewhere under the uterus lining and it is not in a viable position to grow. The uterus can’t help much either and these pregnancies usually end with a miscarriage.

There is a lot of blood loss in this type of pregnancy too. But how can this lead to a false-positive test result? Well, the uterus is still producing HCG, which goes on the pregnancy stick and shows a positive result, although you might not be pregnant. 

  • You Might Have Too Much HCG In Your Urine

If you are taking fertility drugs, then it might cause a false result to occur. Fertility drugs have a lot of HCG in them and even though you might not be pregnant, the pregnancy stick will show otherwise. The only culprit in this situation is the excess HCG in your system. You should wait for the drug to subside for a good amount of time before you go ahead and take a pregnancy test, then the result will most likely be accurate. 

  • If You Have Miscarried Prior

If you have miscarried a pregnancy earlier and you are beginning to conceive again, then this can lead to a false test result. You need to give your uterus and your body, in general, time to heal from this physical and emotional trauma.

Moreover, the uterus lining may still have residue of the pregnancy in it still and it needs to be filtered out of your system completely before you try to conceive and take a pregnancy test again. It is better for your body to expel everything before another pregnancy test. 

  • Human Error

A pregnancy test, although accurate, can be subjected to human error. A lot of people don’t pay attention to the instructions and don’t follow them precisely to get the results they want. Either you did not take the test at a certain time which is mentioned in the instructions, or you are taking a pregnancy test too early, these small errors can lead to a false result.

Also, your urine needs to be concentrated when you take a test. This ensures an accurate result otherwise, it can create a false alarm. 


So, the answer to the question: ‘can a pregnancy test be wrong’ is yes. A pregnancy test can be wrong. Although 99% of the tests are accurate and they can be taken as a legit result, sometimes it can create a false alarm.


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