Can a baby sleep with a pacifier

Can A Baby Sleep With A Pacifier?

Can a baby sleep with a pacifier: Pacifier is a great tool to use if you want your baby to be distracted. This mimics the action of them suckling on your breast for milk. Here are some things you need to know about pacifiers. 

What’s The Best Age For A Pacifier?

The best thing about a pacifier is that you can start giving and introducing it to your baby as soon as it’s been a month after he or she has been born. A pacifier is very easy to use and it will soothe the baby. It will also give them a sense of teaching on how to latch onto you when it comes time to breastfeed your kid. It is a great way to introduce something which can keep your baby busy while also not drinking milk all the time, which can lead to a lot of weight gain and an increase in lactose quantity. 

Can My Baby Sleep With A Pacifier? 

In general, it is safe to give a pacifier to a baby when they are sleeping. It will soothe the baby and they will also get less irritated when it comes to bedtime. So, can a baby sleep with a pacifier? Yes, but some things you should keep in mind about giving pacifiers at night are:

  • The string of the pacifier should be detached, otherwise, it can be a strangling hazard. 
  • You shouldn’t introduce a pacifier if your child doesn’t know how to breastfeed yet. First teach them to latch onto you, then introduce a pacifier. 
  • The pacifier should be clean and disinfected when you give it to your baby during sleeping. 

Pros And Cons Of A Having A Pacifier For Your Baby


  • It will keep them busy and they will not latch onto their thumb which is not a healthy option. 
  • A pacifier helps your kid sleep better on their own. 
  • It keeps a lot of infant diseases at bay. 
  • It helps to reduce the chances of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. A pacifier is a great tool to keep these disorders away from your baby. 


  • A pacifier can mess with the baby’s teeth and they might end up crooked when they grow. So, it’s best not to use a pacifier all the time. Only use it when you need it to soothe the baby or during sleep. 
  • It can be a hurdle in breastfeeding, especially if you introduced it before teaching the baby how to get breastfeeding. It’s important that you don’t haste in using a pacifier, try to encourage the child to breastfeed first. 
  • A pacifier can be addicting to a baby. It can be hard to let the child go of the habit of using a pacifier after you gave it to them for so long. 
  • Pacifiers can also lead to ear infections. 


The bottom line to question can a baby sleep with a pacifier is that you can certainly give your baby a pacifier at bedtime, just make sure that you keep a close eye on them, so it doesn’t become a choking hazard. 


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