Your kid already loves Blippi, right? Not only is he absolutely silly and oh-so-engaging for little ones, but he always comes with tons of great lessons. Whether he’s teaching your kids about construction vehicles, naming all the dinosaurs to ever exist, or simply reminding them to “Never, ever stop wondering,” Blippi is a virtual third co-parent many of us have come to count on. Your kids devour everything that goofy man in the orange glasses puts out — from the animated episodes to the musical.

From the beginning, the Blipster has seemingly had one goal: Teach kids fun and interesting things… in fun and interesting ways. This summer, he’s taking the educational component of his videos and turning it up to 11 with several brand new episodes, each with a project your kids can do at home. Just call your living room “Camp Blippi,” because our man with the dance moves is bringing arts and crafts to a screen near you.

“School may be out for summer, but with Blippi, the learning never stops,” says Katelynn Heil, GM of Blippi. “We put together this program to not only keep kids entertained but continue to inspire their curiosity. Over the next eight weeks, we invite kids to join Blippi on big adventures, meet amazing new friends, and to get in on the fun with custom do-at-home activities so they can ‘be like Blippi’!”

Not sure what to expect from Camp Blippi? Find full episode details and a project synopsis for each week below, along with an exclusive clip. For the next eight weeks, plan on at least one afternoon of Blippi-led entertainment for your kiddos.

May 27: Blippi’s Out Of This World Adventure

You didn’t think Meekah was the only one who would get to explore a space center, did ya? Blippi is heading to Kennedy Space Center, where he’ll learn about becoming an astronaut and the Apollo Moon Mission. Later, Blippi will hop into the Blippimobile and soar through outer space visiting each planet and completing fun, educational tasks.

“Do It at Home” YouTube Short: Stargazing Bottles

Using a water bottle, water, glitter glue, and sequins, Blippi will walk kids through making a cool (and calming) stargazing bottle.

June 3: Blippi and Emily Calandrelli’s Fizzy Fun

Blippi will spend the afternoon with Emily Calandrelli, an engineer! Together they’ll make water bottles explode, learn how to make fizzy bubbles, and even make oobleck. What kid doesn’t love the messy and puzzling oobleck concoction?

“Do It at Home” YouTube Short: Scientific Bubbling Mix

Once your kiddo watches Blippi and Emily complete their messy but fun science experiments, the YouTube short will walk your child through the recipe for making their own.

June 10: Blippi’s Volcanic Adventure

Are you a parent to an enthusiastic volcanologist? Head to Hawaii with Blippi to explore Kilauea, an active volcano. Blippi will learn how volcanoes work and what makes them “explode,” all while tromping around one of the most famous volcanoes in the world.

“Do It at Home” YouTube Short: Volcano on Hawaii

Using a volcano kit, Blippi will use simple science to show how a volcano explodes, flows, and then hardens into a new layer of Earth. Order your volcano kits now, parents!


June 17: Blippi and Meekah’s Great Big Fort Build

Who doesn’t love a fort?! In this episode, Blippi invites his very best friend, Meekah, to help him build a fort. What constitutes the perfect fort? According to the besties: a cool way to get in, a fun way to get out, and something that makes it unique and “extra special.” No spoilers here! But Meekah and Blippi’s handmade hideout will include some pretty fun things.

“Do It at Home” YouTube Short: Fort Peek-A-Boo

How can you make the best fort in your own living room or bedroom? This short walks kids through everything they need to know or do to create their most perfect indoor palace fit for a kid king/queen.

June 24: Blippi Makes a Splash

If your kid is aching for a day at the water park, this episode will be their absolute favorite. Between riding down some epic water slides, Blippi will discuss the importance of water and sun safety.

“Do It at Home” YouTube Short: Sun Block Countdown

Blippi sends a gentle, fun reminder to all his friends about exactly what you need for a perfect and safe day in the sun.

July 1: Blippi’s Orange Gelato Creation

Time to cross the pond! Blippi heads to a “gelateria” in London, England, to learn about the science behind making gelato. Next, he’ll make some of his own. Any guess what color he’ll choose?

“Do It at Home” YouTube Short: Popsicles

Blippi walks us through the super simple way to make your own healthy and semi-fresh popsicles. All you need is juice, fruit, sticks, and a popsicle mold. (A straw or spoon and a paper cup can work in a pinch.)


July 8: Blippi’s Big Mascot Fun With Mighty Red

While in England, Blippi will also head to Anfield Stadium in Liverpool, home to the Liverpool Football Club. While there, he’ll follow clues through the stadium, checking it out as he goes along. Finally, he’ll meet their mascot, “Mighty Red,” on the pitch and learn all the special moves you need to be an official mascot.

“Do It at Home” YouTube Short: LFC Mascot

Never forget the importance of warming up before exercise. Blippi and Might Red will team up to teach viewers some proper stretching and warming-up techniques before lining up and shooting a goal.

July 15: Blippi’s Big Day of Water Play

Camp Blippi is winding down, but there’s still so much more summer ahead for your family. Blippi will spend the day at a pool, learning pool safety and playing a fun summer-themed edition of Sink or Float.

“Do It at Home” YouTube Short: Sink or Float

Raise your hand if this is your child’s favorite part of Blippi’s episodic shenanigans. In this short, he’ll play the game in a swimming pool. But be prepared to recreate it in the bathtub that evening.


With Blippi and Meekah at the ready, summer is bound to be a blast!

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