A peaceful nights is at the top of most parent’s wish lists, and it’s often a challenging task to achieve. Blackout blinds are a great sleepaid to introduce into baby’s room, creating a dark, peaceful space to promote sleep, especially during daytime naps.

Blackout blinds are great temporary option for darkening rooms, that don’t require tools or skills to install. Some are installed with suctions cups, others with cling film that adheres to the window with static.

To help you find the best blackout blind for your baby’s room, we’ve researched, asked our community, and shortlisted the best options for you.

5 of the Best Blackout Blinds for your Baby’s Room

Tommee Tippee

blackout blinds - Tommee Tippee

Featuring a sweet moon and stars pattern, Tommee Tippee Sleeptight Portable Blackout Blind is a fun option for any nursery. With no permanent fixings required, the ‘twist & stick’ suckers together with the regular suction cups ensure the blind will stay in place and is easily removed when needed, and also able to be taken on holiday or whenever you’re traveling.

RRP $70

Blackout Blinds ERGObaby

If you’re looking for a reusable blackout blind option, that’s also travel friendly, Window Blockout 2-Pack by ergoPouch is a perfect solution for babies and toddlers who need complete darkness to sleep. The Window Blockout comes in a roll – simply measure your windows, cut to size and apply to the panes of your windows.

RRP $44.95


easynight Blackout Blinds

Ideal for rooms with larger windows, the Easynight Blackout Blinds are available a range of sizes to cover windows up to 3m x 1.45m. They can be cut to size without fraying, and even cut to make two smaller blinds if required. Easynight blackout blinds attach to your window using suction cups that fasten to the actual blinds using velcro.

RRP  $51.95

Nigh Night

blackout blinds - Nigh Night Baby

Offering a more streamline option, Nigh Night Baby 100% Blackout Static Cling Film has an adhesive layer, but uses natural statics to attach on to any type of glass window. The reusable film has an easy application process, as there is no stickiness, and anyone is able install them.

RRP $69.95

Porta Fox

The Porta Fox Blackout Blind comes in a range of colours, like the pastel Luna Eclipse print (above), and is made from 100% blackout material, creating a dark and peaceful environment for your child’s sleep. With easy installation, this non-permanent option (meaning you can remove it anytime, without damage to your windows or walls), Porta Fox also has a travel bag so you can take it holiday with you.

RRP $79


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